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Is There Any Truth Behind the Black Ice Movie?

Racism has no place in the world, but it still exists. It stays in the corners like a ghost that will never go away. We have seen how bad racism can be for black people even in our own time. George Floyd‘s death was one of the biggest wake-up calls for people who thought they lived in a haven. In a lot of areas, there is still direct and indirect discrimination.

A lot of movies and programs have shown the problem to the public. One of these movies is Black Ice. Most of the movie is about the sport of ice hockey in Canada. It shows how different racism can be, how it affects the players, and how, as a result, it makes the sport less fun. The things that happen are, in fact, very shocking.

But does Black Ice come from real life? The movie shows how hard it was for black players. Is what we’re seeing on the screen real? In this piece, we’ll talk about what this movie could be and what else we know about it. So, you can read it down below.

Is There Any Truth Behind the Black Ice Movie?

When the movie starts, it gives off a very serious vibe. We get to see a lot of sports events and title matches in action. Some black Canadian Ice Hockey League players turn to face the camera. Some of them just quit, and some have been playing for a long time. All of them talk about their lives and how they were treated differently because of their race. But are their words true? Did these things really happen to them?

Yes, they did, in case you were wondering. The movie Black Ice is based on real events. Every scene you’ll be able to see has a lot of history behind it. Every part of the movie is based on real events. The director just made it into a dramatic story out of them.

black ice movie

He has also pulled parts from the book “Black Ice: The Lost History of the Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes, 1895-1925.” Darryl and George Frosty wrote the book, which came out in 2004.

If you can feel what other people are going through, you will understand what they are saying. It shows how racism has crept into every level of Canadian ice hockey.

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The director did a great job of showing us their paths and how they got hurt. Let’s talk about the movie itself a bit more.

Black Ice: Untold Stories of Discrimination in Sports

Sports should be the only area where people are judged only by how good they are. Their value should be based on how well they do in sports and what other skills they have. But in some parts of the world, this is not the case. Not on the list is the well-known Canadian Ice Hockey League. Unfortunately, discrimination hasn’t changed much over the years. Not all of the people we see are black. Some of them are native or BIPOC.

A popular ice hockey player named Akim Aliu opened up to the media in 2019. Bill’s coach was being racist toward him during a game. Akim’s stories about how his angry coach used racial names around him are very sad. A lot of past players also came forward and said what they thought about their time there.

In the end, Bill was fired. Black and native players who had been in the sport for a long time started to talk about the racism they had to deal with. As evidence of years of race profiling came out, the whole world was shocked.

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There were also Maritim Hockey Leagues in 1895. The movie takes us back to a time when racism was accepted by most people. Some people used to think that black people didn’t deserve to be treated well. They were not treated with respect by the white nationalists, and their basic rights were broken.

Even though this happened a long time ago, the movie Black Ice shows real conversations and real stories of bias. The anti-colored attitudes in the world of ice hockey surprised people who watched it.

Black Ice: Cast

Director Hubert Davis and writer Vinay Virmani take the audience through a heartbreaking documentary about former Canadian ice hockey players who were treated unfairly because of their race. There are real players, teachers, and veterans in the movie.

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We get to see players like P.K. Subban, Wayne Simmonds, Devante Smith-Pelly, Ron MacLean, Kevin Weekes, and Janelle Joseph. Black Ice got the prestigious People’s Choice Award for Documentaries after it was shown at the Toronto Film Festival on September 10, 2022. If you want to learn more, you should watch the movie.

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