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Big Mota Cause of Death: The Mystery Behind the Memphis Rapper’s Murder

Big Mota Cause of Death: Hip hop star Big Mota from Memphis, Tennessee, was shot and killed: A Big Mota When news spread that Memphis rapper Big Mota had been shot and killed, it shocked and shocked everyone in the music business.

The heartbreaking news has left not only his fans but also his friends and fellow hip-hop artists feeling a deep sense of loss.

The unexpected death of Big Mota has left a hole in the world of rap, and his work and life are remembered with deep respect and sadness. After this terrible event, the music business is sad about the death of a great artist whose life was cut short far too soon.

Sadly, Memphis Rapper Big Mota Died in a Shooting in Oakhaven

A terrible thing happened in Oakhaven, Memphis: someone was shot and killed, and another person is in serious condition.

The people who were hurt, later named Memphis rapper Big Mota and Memphis, TN resident TJ Santino, had to deal with the terrible effects of the attack. This terrible event happened in the 4100 block of Tchulahome Road just before 9 p.m. and cast a dark shadow over the neighborhood.

Big Mota Cause of Death

Desperate Rush for Medical Help:

One of the victims, Big Mota, was quickly rushed to Regional One Health Hospital in serious condition, showing how badly people need medical help right away. Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse when it was said that Big Mota’s injuries were too bad and he died too soon.

The Death of TJ Santino:

It was a sad scene because TJ Santino was declared dead right there, leaving everyone in the area shocked and sad.

Seeking Answers:

The investigation is still going on because police have not yet identified a suspect in this disturbing case. Anyone who knows something should call CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH.

Notably, the scene of the crime showed signs of violence, as a car looked like it had been shot many times. The community is still in shock and grief over what happened, and many people are hoping that justice and solutions will be found in the days to come.

Who was Big Mota?

Big Mota is a famous rapper who was born in the United States on September 22, 1988. He is known for having a big effect on the hip-hop scene. By the time his mixtape “Mota This Mota That!” came out, he was already known for his ability.

The fact that Big Mota has worked with well-known musicians like Snootie Wild, Kevin Gates, and Trey Dizzle has made him a better musician.

A Start to Remember:

People paid attention to Big Mota when they said he stole rapper Shy Glizzy’s chain before he became famous overnight. In 2016, a hate song was written about the artist because of this event, which was a big moment in his career. He is from Memphis, Tennessee, and is now linked to the Memphis rap scene.

Personal Life, Family, and Age:

Now 33 years old, Big Mota is not only a great rapper but also a great dad. Reports do not say who his girlfriend is, but they do say that he has a son called Jamil.

A Social Media Hit:

Big Mota’s impact goes beyond his music. He has more than 67,000 Instagram followers, for example. Because of his music and the interesting things that have happened in his life, his online profile has grown a lot over the years.

Income and Major Hits:

A number of sites say that Big Mota’s net worth is between $1 million and $5 million. He has this much money because he is a successful rapper. One of his big hits is “Straight From Hell 2,” which fans really liked in 2021, and they can’t wait for “Straight From Hell 3” to come out.

Big Mota was born under the sign of Virgo, which fits with how artistic and careful he is. He doesn’t post on social media very often, but he always posts his newest raps on Instagram, which keeps his fans interested and eager for more of his lyrical talent.

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