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Matt Klotz Opens Up About His Weight Gain and Lip-Reading Skills in Big Brother

Matt Klotz Big Brother Weight Gain: Recently, Big Brother has not been on TV for a long time. But there’s no question that the show has made a lot of people famous, and Matt Klotz is one of them. He has more fans than anyone else because he was the first deaf contestant ever on the show. Isn’t it strange? But Matt has been on Big Brother for a long time, even though things have been hard.

But for the past few months, the reality star’s looks and body have been getting a lot of attention. In fact, Matt Big Brother’s Weight Gain worries are always being talked about on the internet.

Because of this, there are a few theories that are linked to these kinds of assumptions. People who have been watching Matt for a long time may have seen big changes in him over the years. So, did he really gain weight?

Matt Big Brother Weight Gain

There have been many seasons of the television show Big Brother. We talked about how dramatic and full of turns the 25th season was. Besides this, having Matt Klotz around has been fairly exciting. Fans who really care about the show think that person could make dramatic plots for it because of this.

Even though he did so badly on Big Brother, netizens are still more interested in talking about his body type and how he looks. Since this is the case, there are some ideas going around the internet about Matt Big Brother’s Weight Gain. Let’s look around!

While Matt has loved being on Big Brother, his fans can’t get enough of how hot he is. At the same time, the famous person was honest about putting on weight. In response to rumors about his “Matt Big Brother Weight Gain,” the star said that he gained 15 pounds by accident.

Matt Klotz Big Brother Weight Gain

Matt Klotz went from 185 pounds to 200 pounds because of this big change. Still, one of the news sources says that weight changes are normal on Big Brother.

Since the contestants aren’t allowed to work out, Matt may have put on some extra weight. Also, the people taking part don’t do any intense physical exercise, so they can’t burn extra fat.

No Gym Sessions

Besides that, Matt said in another statement that he used to be fat when he was in college. The Chicagoan admitted that he drank too much and always ate fast food.

But he has stayed in good shape since then. But Matt has changed in clear ways since he moved into Big Brother’s house. Since Matt Klotz doesn’t have access to a gym or exercise gear, it may make sense that he has gained weight without trying.

Is Matt Big Brother’s Weight Gain Caused by an Illness?

There is no doubt that Matt Big Brother’s Weight Gain has been a big issue on social media. At the same time, people are worried about whether he is sick or not.

As far as we know, there are no accounts that he is dealing with a serious illness. He only deals with being deaf! Matt is not said to be fully disabled, though. He can actually hear the news and other conversations because he has a hearing aid.

The Big Brother contestant has been seen having daily conversations with other housemates, which makes this fact pretty clear. But on the other hand, Klotz has also said that the constant whispering has made his mental health worse.

Did He Cry Because He Was Worried About Matt’s Weight Gain on Big Brother?

There have been times when Klotz’s friends invited him to talk about how he looks and his body. This is the reason why Matt’s Big Brother Weight Gain ideas didn’t seem to be going away. And yet, he was seen crying in the house in front of the other contestants.

Matt Klotz Big Brother Weight Gain

But it wasn’t because his weight seemed to be changing. Matt told Big Brother what he thought about the way they talked about other people and threw tantrums. He told her that Felicia Cannon was rude to him when he cried in front of her. On top of that, she said she was proud of herself.

That being said, Klotz was so upset that he told Jag Bains and America Lopez how he felt. Not only that, but the partly deaf athlete also said he was sick of hearing the whispers. In addition, Matt Klotz said that these whispers made him feel bad.

That being said, the swimmer did say that trying to read the lips of other contestants who speak slowly gives him headaches all the time. But, as you know, there is always talk and gossip in the house. Even though it doesn’t look possible, the contestants should try to keep things in balance.

In fact, other houseguests also stress that the contestants shouldn’t use someone’s inability against them.

What is Matt’s Current Situation on Big Brother?

The drama is getting more and more intense as Season 25 of Big Brother draws to a close. Even though people are still talking about Matt Big Brother’s Weight Gain, they can’t stop him from being on the show. Based on how things stand right now, it looks like Jag Bains and Matt Klotz have joined forces.

They are now in the Final 2 Alliance and have chosen the name Minutemen for their group. It was normal for people to see them together and supporting each other. But not anymore! Big Brother Season 25 seems to have bigger plans for Jag and Matt than just making them hate each other.

For those who don’t know, both are strong competitors with different plans. While Bains tries to be very competitive, Matt just plays the game for fun.

Based on the most recent show, Jag kicked Felicia out. In episode 40, Bains chose for the second option, making him one of only three people left on the show, along with Bowie and Matt. For those who don’t know, Jag Bains could have voted for either Klotz or Felicia.

People thought he might go for Matt, though, because that would have almost certainly won him the battle against Felicia. But things aren’t really like that. No matter what, it is now clear that Jag and Matt are close friends. On the other hand, Felicia said she felt proud to have made it to the final four.

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