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Arnold Schwarzenegger Recalls a Prank He Played on Danny DeVito 30 Years Ago: “I was completely stoned.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his best pals have a history of creating fantastical tales together, and these stories are as thick as blood. Schwarzenegger had the craziest memories of both his former adversary turned brother Sylvester Stallone and his fellow co-star Danny DeVito. Even though the 75-year-old guy has previously pursued acting and bodybuilding as hobbies, he is able to recall the memories from his younger years.

The man who had previously served as Governor of California appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show a few months ago. There, he discussed the accomplishments of bodybuilding, his normal routine, his enthusiasm for horses, and most notably, marijuana. An actor who follows such a stringent routine has, in the past, been known to smoke marijuana, which may surprise some readers. It turned out to be nothing more than a crude joke that his eternal buddy had played on him at one point.

Danny DeVito once played Arnold Schwarzenegger with weed

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a great time during their hour-long talk, which was fueled by the energy of the audience. When asked about his closest companions, he described a humorous incident that occurred during his time working on the film “Gemini” alongside Danny DeVito. According to the legend, DeVito invited him to his van for a mouthwatering Italian meal one day and served it to him there. Even the fact that his best friend intended to “plant some cannabis” was completely unknown to him.

DeVito successfully conned his friend by luring him in with the promise of a smoke and a cup of coffee. Arnold claims that Danny smuggled marijuana into a cigar at some point. He laughed heartily as he recalled how he had forgotten the most of his lines throughout the performance. “I was totally high,” the star confessed, which caused the audience to laugh out loud. In point of fact, the actor who played the Terminator attempted again and over to make amends to him for a prank that lasted for thirty years, but all of his efforts were fruitless. DeVito was always one step ahead of him, which was very unfortunate for him. Because “he has an unbelievable nose,” he was always successful in catching him in the act anytime he attempted to combine marijuana with his drinks.

In 2021, Universal Pictures intended to begin production on a sequel to the film “Gemini.” Despite this, the notion that had been formed did not come to fruition because of certain unavoidable causes as well as the untimely death of the actor. It has been suggested, on the other hand, that if the son of the late filmmaker attempts the same thing, there is a possibility that the second half may eventually be released. On the other hand, the most recent reports claim that the major players are currently working on it.

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