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T. Stallion, a Friend of Megan’s, Testified That She Witnessed Tori Lane Firing a Gun.

The prosecutor’s office at the attack trial, which began in Los Angeles yesterday (December 12), requires Megan’s friend Tee Stallion to testify that she saw Tori Lanez shoot the rapper.

Lanez (actual name Daystar Peterson) is suspected of shooting Megan Pete in the leg in July 2020 during an argument at Kylie Jenner’s California pool party.

The prosecutor’s office told Rolling Stone that Pete’s lover Kelsey Harris, her best friend and assistant at the time, will testify that she saw Lanez shoot Pete at the trial, which began yesterday.

On the eve of the trial, Harris, who has been silent for two years and distanced himself from the rapper, was uncertain.

In his opening remarks, Los Angeles County Assistant District Attorney Alexander Bott informed the jury that Kelsey watched the defendant shoot her close friend.

He stated that Harris ran to Megan Tee Stallion’s wounded Hollywood Hills driveway.

—Kelsey will say she didn’t know if the defendant had that gun. She didn’t know what the defendant could do if he continued the assault. “Her protective instincts worked, and she approached the defendant,” he added. She’ll say the accused assaulted her. He grabbed her hair and battered or slapped her.”

Bott told the jury that both Pete and Harris were “scared” after the shooting and that Harris sent three crucial messages to Pete’s bodyguard Justin Edison within five minutes.

The first courtroom image read “Help.” 4:27 a.m. “Tori shot Meg” and “911.”

This month, a court released Lanez from home detention to prepare for trial. He was initially accused with attacking Pete with a semi-automatic firearm and carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in an automobile. Lanez denies wrongdoing. The prosecutor added a third firearm accusation for gross negligence.

Bott also played a five-shot recording and said Pete would testify that Lanez shouted “Dance, bitch!” before firing fire.

George Mgdesyan, Lanes’ lawyer, begged the jurors to be “open-minded” in his opening remarks, saying only Pete had heard this phrase.

Lanez, a Canadian, risks 22 years and eight months in prison and deportation if convicted.

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