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Are Dolores and Paul Still Together? A Look into Their Relationship!


In the world of reality television, where drama and personal lives often intertwine, Dolores Catania has made her mark as a prominent figure on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” (RHONJ).

Recently, rumors and speculations have surfaced regarding her relationship with Paulie Connell, with sources indicating that Paulie is close to finalizing his divorce. This article delves into the current status of Dolores and Paulie’s relationship and offers insights into their journey.

Are Dolores and Paul still Together?

Yes, Paulie Connell, who has been dating Dolores Catania since 2021, is still legally married to another woman. Although they have been separated for about 15 years, the ongoing legal status of his marriage has become a topic of discussion among Dolores and her friends.

This issue came to light at Danielle Cabral’s Boujie Brunch, where Dolores and Paulie engaged in a candid conversation about their relationship.

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During the discussion, Dolores emphasized her frustration with the delay in finalizing Paulie’s divorce. She expressed her desire for clarity in their relationship moving forward.

Paulie acknowledged his role in pushing off the procedure but refrained from blaming the pandemic entirely. The conversation underscored the importance of resolving legal matters before moving forward, leaving both Dolores and Paulie with mixed emotions about the timeline.

How did They meet?

While Dolores and Paulie have traveled the world together, fans may not be fully aware of how they met. In a November 2022 Instagram post, Paulie recalled their first encounter, sharing, “For you guys that don’t know this, I met this amazing woman in this photograph over a year ago.

We met at an Apple store, no cameras, no fans, no crowds, no makeup. Just two people waiting to get their phones fixed. When I met this beautiful woman I didn’t know about reality TV celebrity status or any of the above. Oh boy, but I do now. LOL.”

They began dating in 2021, but didn’t publicly confirm their relationship until Valentine’s Day 2022. During Season 13 of RHONJ, viewers got their first glimpse at Dolores’ love connection with Paulie and heard her open up about what it’s like to have someone special in her life.

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“I’ve never been in a relationship like this before, and I can’t believe how smitten and gushy I am,” Dolores stated in a confessional interview.

Today, Dolores and Paulie’s romance remains strong, with Paulie often sharing updates on his sons, Kameron and Brooklyn, on social media. They even gave a tour of his home in Edgewater, New Jersey, which the RHONJ cast once called a “sexy house.”


In conclusion, Dolores Catania and Paulie Connell’s relationship continues to thrive despite the complexities of public scrutiny and personal commitments. Their journey, from a chance encounter in an Apple store to publicly confirming their bond on RHONJ, showcases the depth of their connection.

Dolores’s candid reflections about her feelings further emphasize the sincerity and joy they share. By navigating the challenges of reality TV stardom and personal life, both Dolores and Paulie have managed to strengthen their bond and continue to enjoy meaningful experiences together. Their relationship serves as an inspiring example of love and resilience in the public eye.

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