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Ai Hoshino’s Shocking Death: Unraveling the Mystery of Her Death in Oshi no Ko

After the first episode of Oshi no Ko ran last week, Aka Akasaka’s newest work became an instant hit. The fact that the author’s previous work was the famous rom-com series Kaguya-sama: Love is War shows that she can write in different styles.

Many things about the first episode of Oshi no Ko were shocking. Some anime get a one-hour special as their first show, but it’s very rare for any anime to have a one-and-a-half-hour debut.

Fans were blown away by the first episode, which had one story twist after another. It was also number one on MAL after the first show.

At the beginning of the anime, a doctor with no name cheered for his favorite singer, Ai Hoshino. His wish to meet her comes true when she shows up at his hospital with twins while she is pregnant.

The doctor agrees with her choice to start a family, but a stranger kills him. In the strangest way possible, he comes back to life as Aquamarine, Ai’s son.

Aqua wants to spend his childhood in peace, but the worst thing that can happen to him does. Yes, even bigger than him dying.

How Did Ai Hoshino Die?

After a long time has passed in the first episode of Oshi no Ko, Ai chooses to meet up with Aqua and Ruby’s father. She calls him and tells him that their kids have grown up and that he should come to see them once. We only see Ai on the other end of the call, and we never find out who he is.

ai hoshino death

Then, Ai tells him where she lives now. Later, Ai and her kids are staying in a hotel room with a doorbell. One morning, a stranger rings the doorbell. When Ai opens the door, someone stabs her in the gut. She dies slowly in front of Aqua and Ruby.

Who Killed Ai Hoshino?

Ai’s killer turns out to be her stalker, Ryusuke. After being stabbed, he said he had been hurt more because he was a fan and it hurt him more. He thought that Ai had disappointed her fans by having kids.

But even as she was dying, Ai told Ryusuke that she loves her people and the way she showed that love was by lying to them. She even remembered his name and made sure to keep the gift he gave her at a fan meet.

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This made Ryusuke cry, so he ran away and then killed himself soon after. The story doesn’t end there, though, because the only person who knew where Ai lived was Aqua and Ruby’s biological father, to who she had given her address. It’s clear that the address got out, which makes the mystery lover the most likely culprit.

Who Is Aqua and Ruby’s Father?

In Chapter 96 of Oshi no Ko, Aqua and Ruby’s father are finally named. It’s Hikaru Kamiki, a cruel serial killer who kills female stars and is also to blame for the death of Ai Hoshino.

Hikaru keeps up a charming public persona, which makes him less likely to be a criminal suspect. But he goes after innocent girls, makes them do what he wants, and then gets rid of them. He did the same thing with Ai and got close to her before he made sure she died.

He usually has someone else kill his victims, like when he had Ryusuke kill Ai. He used to be afraid to kill on his own, but over time he has gotten stronger and can now do it on his own.

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So, Aqua has found the person he wants to get back at for killing Ai. He must now face Hikaru and get payback for Ai’s death no matter what. Aqua has made up his mind about where he wants to end up, even though the way there will be long and hard.

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