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Adria Arjona, Who Stars in “Andor,” Says Her Mother Persuaded Her to Try Out for the Role During the Pandemic.

Adria Arjona, who plays Andor on the show, revealed that a conversation with her mother on the phone was what ultimately persuaded her to try out for the role.

Bix Caleen, played by Arjona, is a new character who has been added to the “Star Wars” canon. She is related to the main protagonist (played by Diego Luna). Bix provides assistance to Cassian Andor in his attempt to evade capture by the authorities in the first three episodes that will debut on Disney+ on Wednesday.

The rising star revealed this information to Insider during an interview that took place prior to the release of the series. She stated that she had almost given serious thought to postponing her screen test for the show because of the pandemic.

Arjona shared his experience, “I was in Paris when it was at its peak epidemic and no one really realised what was happening on.” “I then dialled my mother’s number in Puerto Rico, and I said to her, “Mom, I don’t know if I should go on this train.” There is this thing that goes by the name COVID. I’m at a complete loss on what to do.”

Arjona continued: “She does not ever hang up the phone on me, just like any decent Puerto Rican mother would. However, she only said to me, “You are a swan.” You wouldn’t get dirty if you went swimming in the lake of poop there. She then proceeded to hang up the phone on me after saying, “May the force be with you, my daughter.” My response was something along the lines of, “Okay, then, then I guess I’m going.””

Arjona was successful in getting the job right away after the audition because to the decision that she made.

“I did the first scene [from] the first episode that we have with Diego and then I performed another part on my own,” Arjona said. “The first scene is from the first episode that we have.” “Then there was this eerily quiet period that lasted for about ten seconds, after which Tony Gilroy, the showrunner, simply looked at me and said, “Welcome to Star Wars.” I was in such disbelief. In the room, anything like this never occurs, and certainly not for ‘Star Wars.'”

Arjona stated that Tony Gilroy, the showrunner for “Andor,” was responsible for her good fortune because he was able to find exactly what he was seeking for.

The actress, who is 30 years old, continued: “This shows that Tony is self-aware enough to know exactly what he wants and doesn’t require anyone to direct or advise him in his pursuit of those goals. He is saying things like, “This is it. You are Bix.’ Then he kind of presented me to everyone in the office by going, “Here is Bix, this is Bix,” over and over again. And I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ It was the wildest ten minutes I have ever experienced in my life.”

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