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6 People Were Killed When Two World War Ii Aircraft Collided at the Wings Over Dallas Air Display.

An accident involving two aeroplanes from World War II that were supposed to perform a flyover at a memorial service in Texas on Saturday resulted in the planes crashing into the ground and erupting into a ball of flames, which left the attendees of the event horrified and disheartened.

According to the Commemorative Air Force, there were six passengers aboard the two planes when they collided with one another, and according to Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, all six of those people perished in the collision.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, a midair collision between a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and a Bell P-63 Kingcobra occurred just before 1:30 p.m. local time near the Dallas Executive Airport. Both aircraft were taking part in the Air Force’s Wings Over Dallas air show at the time of the incident.

During a news conference held on Sunday, a member of the NTSB board named Michael Graham stated that neither of the planes included flight data recorders, also known as black boxes. As a consequence of this, he stated that the detectives are asking members of the public for photographs and videos that were taken at the scene.

Graham stated that given the fact that we do not have any recordings of flight data, they will actually be very important. Graham stated that witnesses might send photographs and videos to the NTSC’s [email protected] email address.

Multiple videos that were uploaded to Twitter showed what appeared to be a fighter plane colliding with a bomber, which resulted in both aircraft crashing to the ground in a short amount of time and releasing a massive amount of flames and smoke.

The event’s website said six planes would flyover Saturday afternoon. Social media showed hundreds watching the flyover. Veterans Day, Friday, inspired the three-day extravaganza.

Anthony Montoya watched the planes collide.

“I remained. I was stunned “said 27-year-old Montoya. “Everyone gasped. . .”

“he tweeted. “Pray for the spirits that flew to entertain and educate our families today.”

The mayor of Keller, Texas, a small city 30 miles north of Dallas, posted on Facebook that former city councillor Terry Barker had died. Barker was a husband, parent, and Army veteran, Mayor Armin Mizani wrote.

Many loved Terry Barker. He was my friend and mentor. , “Mizani wrote. The agency reported the crash killed Ohio Wing Civil Air Patrol Major Curt Rowe.

“Curt touched the lives of thousands of his fellow Civil Air Patrol members, notably when flying cadets during hundreds of orientation flights,” wrote Colonel Peter Bowden.

World War II U.S. air supremacy relied on the massive four-engine B-17 bomber. . Boeing reports that most B-17s were demolished after World War II, leaving only a few for museums and aviation displays.

Coates of Commemorative Air Force, which owned the jets, said there were no paying passengers. He said highly skilled volunteers—often retired pilots—fly their planes.

Victoria Yeager, widow of Air Force test pilot Chuck Yeager and a pilot, attended the exhibition. .

“It was pulverised,” claimed Fort Worth resident Yeager, 64.

“We were just praying they had all gotten out, but we knew they didn’t,” she said of the passengers.

. Her father and children were in the hangar. “I’m still processing that.”

Young’s Facebook video shows a woman crying and yelling uncontrollably close to her.

FAA and NTSB will investigate.

. In 2011, a P-51 Mustang crashed into Reno spectators, killing 11. Hartford’s 2019 bomber crash killed seven people. The NTSB reported 23 deaths from 21 World War II-era bomber accidents since 1982.

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