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Tiktoker Claimed That His Best Friend Had Ignored His Request to Attend the Wedding Because He is Gay.


A claim made by a user of the social media platform TikTok that his best buddy of seven years did not invite him to his wedding because of his sexual orientation has gone viral.

Devin Valeno said in his video that his lifelong best friend phoned him and begged him not to “apply cosmetics or anything girly” before the wedding because this could cause “inconvenience” for her family members. He said that his friend told him not to “do anything girly.”

He reflects on the experience in the video, which has amassed a staggering 5.1 million views, saying, “I was a little overwhelmed by it.” “And here I was, thinking that today was one of your most important days. Naturally, I will get right on it.

Devin reported that his friend expressed gratitude before hanging up the phone with him. The person who created the content stated that her request had an adverse effect on him emotionally, but he believed it was the end of the matter.

TikTok and His Boyfriend React to Not Being Invited

When TikToker got the call again, his best buddy told him that he had spoken to his father, and the two of them had agreed that “maybe [he] shouldn’t show up at the wedding at all.” TikToker was taken aback by this news and was left in utter disbelief.

“Just the fact that you and your boyfriend are here, as well as the fact that you guys are gay and everything else, is really going to make my family uncomfortable,” he informed him, the bride-to-be who would soon be his wife.

At this time, Devin became emotional and made the suggestion that perhaps they shouldn’t continue to be friends since “my ally should be an ally of the whole community.”

It would appear that his partner is in agreement with him, as she stated that she did not like to be around that “kind of energy” anyway. When they hung up, according to what Devin said, he was “sitting there bawling.”

He went on to say that she had let down not only himself but the entirety of the gay community. “It’s 2022, and even if you try to hide your sexual orientation, people will still treat you as though you don’t belong here just because you’re gay.”

Many users of TikTok offered their sympathies and support for Devin in the comments section of the video.

It makes my stomach turn. One of them commented, “I am so sad to hear that such a person has invaded your world. I am so sorry that this has happened.” “The true believers are gathered here to support you!”

“I never considered her a friend. Someone else spoke in and said, “You’d be better off without someone like them.”

A third person expressed their sorrow by saying, “I am extremely sorry that this occurred.” Having a friend at her wedding who is as wonderful as you are would be a wonderful blessing for her.

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