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10 Best Planets to Build Outposts in Starfield

Planets to Build Outposts in Starfield: There are many solar systems and planets to discover in Starfield, and each one is made by a different set of rules. This means that the tasks and terrain will always be different for each player. But the resources in each world are always the same.

The best thing about this is that you can mine these materials and use them to make money in Starfield by building outposts.

But some of these planets are better than others, and setting up your outpost base on those planets will help you. So, in this piece, we list the 10 best planets in Starfield where you can build an outpost.

Advice Before Constructing a Starbase

So, you’ve finally chosen to build your outpost in Starfield so you can get free XP and money. Cool! But there are a few things you need to think about before you can start making your outpost. These are basics and, to be honest, just rules that Bethesda has put in place. But we know that modders will find ways around these rules and make building fun.

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First of all, on any planet in Starfield, you can only build up to eight bases. Having more than that means you have to close one of the ones you already have.

10 Best Planets to Build Outposts in Starfield

Second, most of the good things you can do when building a base require skills. By getting the following four skills, you’ll be able to build better buildings and bases. With these four skills, you’ll be able to build the best base on every planet in Starfield and have more space.

Research Methods are classified under the Social category, Outpost Management is under the Science category, and Planetary Habitat is classified under the Science category.

Lastly, choose worlds that have a lot of certain things. Aluminum and lead are two important materials that are used almost everywhere. So, use your planetary scanner to find the best worlds that have the resources you need. The worlds we chose from Starfield meet these requirements, so they would be good places for an outpost. Let’s take a look:

Best Starfield Outpost Locations and Planets

1. Kreet

Kreet is a small, rocky moon that circles the planet Anselon in the Narion star system. It has a low amount of gravity. This is the first planet you fly to when you first start playing Starfield. Crimson Fleet has a research lab on this world. The temperature is just right, and you can find Iron, Silver, Lead, and Argon.

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If you want to set up your Starfield base early in the game on a planet that has everything you need, Kreet is the best choice.

2. Andraphon

Andraphon is a moon in the Narion star system that has a temperature that is between hot and cold. This means that anyone can land and look for resources on the planet in safety.

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This moon goes around the planet Sumati and has five things to look at. Aluminum, Beryllium, Europium, Helium-3, and Iron are all found in this world.

10 Best Planets to Build Outposts in Starfield

If you have ever built anything, you know how important Aluminum and Iron are as building materials. So, if you want more of them, you should go after Andraphon.

3. Cassiopeia I

Cassiopeia I is a rocky world whose temperature is about the same as Earth’s. It is in the Eta Cassiopeia star system and has standard O2 in its atmosphere, which makes it a planet where people can live.

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So, Cassiopeia I is a planet where you don’t always have to wear a spacesuit. If you build an outpost in this world, you can get water, chlorine, copper, nickel, fluorine, and cobalt.

4. Tau Ceti II

Tau Ceti is a rocky world with a thin atmosphere. It is hard to breathe in Tau Ceti, but it is not completely uninhabitable. It is in the Tau Ceti star system and has a moderate temperature, which shows that it is a friendly place to live. Water, Argon, Iron, Benzene, and Alaknes can be gathered.

5. Eridani II

The planet Eridani 2 is made up of rocks and is in the star system Eridani. Eridani 2 has the same kind of weather and oxygen as the other moons and worlds. This means that people can live there. Eridani has a lot of supplies. The things that can be found on this planet are water, chlorine, copper, nickel, iron, fluorine, cobalt, and gold.

So, if you want a lot of these in Starfield, it’s best to set up a base on this planet.

6. Leviathan IV

A celestial body that can be found within the Leviathan star system. Because Leviathan IV has an atmosphere that is almost identical to that of Earth, you will be able to walk freely over the planet and breathe easily while doing so. In addition, although the environment of Leviathan IV is somewhat rocky, the planet has an abundance of resources, making it the ideal location for an outpost in Starfield.

7. Linnaeus IV-b

The moon known as Linnaeus IV-b orbits the planet Linnaeus IV, which is part of the stellar system known as Linnaeus. Linnaeus IV-b is a moon that has a moderate climate but a little amount of atmosphere. Despite this, it has a wealth of resources. Water, helium-3, aluminum, iron, lead, beryllium, alkanes, and ytterbium are among the things that can be obtained.

This planet is another of the handful that are available in Starfield that has all of the needed resources for crafting, making it an ideal location for an outpost station.

8. Maheo II

A world with more rare materials. Maheo II is a planet in the Maheo star system. It is a frozen world. Because of the Nitrogen in the atmosphere, you can’t breathe on the surface without a helmet, but you can find some great things. Water, Helium-3, Copper, Iron, Lead, and Alkanes are the usual elements on Maheo II. Also, Maheo II has two things that aren’t usually found on nearby planets: Tetrafluorides and Ytterbium.

9. Callisto

You must have heard of Callisto, one of Jupiter’s moons. If you play computer games, you must have heard about this planet when you played the Callisto Protocol game, which was made by Krafton. Callisto is one of Jupiter’s moons. It is part of the Sol system. You can mine Helium-3 and Iron on Callisto, a frozen world with no atmosphere that lets you breathe.

10. Zamka

In the Alpha Centauri System, Olivas has a moon called Zamka that orbits around it. Another frozen world with an unfriendly atmosphere and uncomfortable temperatures.

But Zamka is one of the few planets in Starfield’s easy-to-reach star systems that has a lot of useful materials. You can mine water, helium-3, copper, nickel, iron, uranium, cobalt, and vanadium if you set up a base here.

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