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Wynonna Judd Husband: How They Met, Married, and Overcame Adversity

Wynonna Judd Husband: Wynonna Judd is one of the most famous country music singers in the United States. Her strong voice and touching songs have long captivated audiences. In addition to her famous work, fans and followers have been very interested in her personal life. People are interested in her position as a wife and in her husband.

Wynonna has been married more than once over the years, and people have been curious about her past marriages. In this article, we talk about Wynonna Judd’s husband in detail, giving information about her past and present relationships and putting light on the man who has been a big part of her exciting life.

Wynonna Judd Husband

Scott “Cactus” Moser used to be the drummer for the band Highway 101. He is married to Wynonna Judd and tours with her right now. His work on Highway 101 has earned him two Grammy nods, two CMA Awards, and two ACM Awards. He is a well-known artist all by himself.

In 2012, Judd said of her husband, “He’s part of the backbone of the band,” to Us Weekly. “I call him Animal because he doesn’t just play the drums, he attacks them.”

How Did Wynonna Judd Meet Her Spouse?

Even though Judd and Moser didn’t start dating until 2009, they met when they were younger. Moser was on tour with Wynonna and Naomi Judd at the time. Naomi Judd killed herself in April 2022.

Wynonna told Us in 2012, “I was in love back then, but it’s hard to get a date when you’re on tour with your mom.” So, we went our separate ways.

Wynonna Judd Husband

They kept in touch over the years. When they finally met up again in 2009, they started dating. Wynonna told People in October 2022, “He’s the toughest and softest man I’ve ever trusted.”We have so many ties. It’s crazy how much we’re all linked. I trust him with my life, which is not something I can always say about guys.”

When Did Wynonna Judd Get Married to Cactus Moser?

Wynonna and Moser got engaged on Christmas Eve 2011. They finally got married on June 10, 2012, and have been happy together ever since. Their wedding was held at Wynonna’s house in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, which is in the state of Tennessee.

Wynonna and Moser are both around the same age. On May 3, 1957, Moser was born, which makes him 66 years old. Wynonna was born on May 30, 1964, which means she is 59 years old right now.

How Long Has Wynonna Judd Been With Her Husband?

Wynonna and Moser have been going out since 2009. In June 2023, they will have been married for 11 years.

Wynonna’s mother’s death was one of the worst things that ever happened to her, and Moser was there. Naomi killed herself on April 30, 2022, when she was 76 years old. This was the day before The Judds were to be admitted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Wynonna said that Moser was the person who helped her the most after Naomi’s death. He will hold my hands and say, “Honey, you’ve done your best.” In October 2022, she told People that she had cried.

And he is right. I’ve done my best. He helps me give myself a break by saying “Honey?” after I try to be very clever, say something great, or come up with the right answer. Stop. “Take a breath.”


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