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Wordle Today’s Answer 472: October 4, 2022 Answers and Tips

According to Merriam-Webster, the answer to today’s Wordle puzzle is among the top two percent of the most looked-up words; nonetheless, its letter arrangement may be difficult for you to visualise. Here are some pointers and suggestions for today’s Wordle to assist you in finishing the problem as quickly as possible and maintaining your winning streak. You can skip to the second section where we give the whole answer if you would rather not engage in the mental gymnastics and go straight to the meat of the matter. In case you didn’t see it yesterday, I’ve included the response here.

The word of the day is a noun that may also be used interchangeably with the word branch and that rhymes with the word awe. There are no repeated letters in the word, and the second and third positions are taken by the vowels “O” and “U.” The remaining letters are all consonants. The answer begins with the letter “B,” and this is the last clue we will provide in order to avoid giving too much away to those individuals who would rather figure out the solution on their own.

The Word Has the Letter G in It, Too

The solution to today’s Wordle puzzle (#472 – October 4, 2022) is the word bough, which is the term used to refer to a branch of a tree, particularly the main branch of the tree. The word “bough” originates from the Old English word “bg,” which meant shoulder. This word is related to the Old High German word “buog,” which also meant shoulder (via Etymonline). There is a well-known Roman tale about the Golden Bough, which is a branch of a tree that has golden leaves and is said to have been the means by which the Trojan hero Aeneas was able to safely walk through the region of the dead.

Today, we were able to complete the puzzle in three attempts by beginning with slate, a commencing word that was recommended by a puzzle specialist. The next thing that we did was try to guess the word brush, which ended up being a fairly lucky guess with three green tiles. The solution became clear after the third attempt, and given that we also solved the puzzle in three attempts the day before, this marks the beginning of a streak of solving puzzles in three attempts, which we expect to maintain the next day.

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