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Why Kanye West’s Twitch Stream Was Suspended Was Explained by Adin Ross

Due to the current postponement, Adin Ross has stated that the live broadcast on Twitch that he had intended to do with Kanye West would not take place.

In the course of his Twitch streams over the past few months, Adin Ross has engaged in conversation with a large number of prominent figures from the entertainment business, including a number of well-known rappers and performers.

It was planned that he would take things to a new level and invite Kanye West to his show for a conversation in the beginning of December; however, this had to be postponed and will now take place at a later time.

West, who has been harshly criticised in the past few weeks for “inciting hatred” towards the Jewish community, witnessed a number of companies break off relations with him, including Adidas, which produces the popular Yeezy clothing brand, after a series of strange outbursts in social networks and in interviews. West has been criticised for “inciting hatred” towards the Jewish community in the past few weeks.

Adin Ross canceled Kanye West’s broadcast on Twitch

The long-awaited visit of Ye on Adin’s Twitch show has been called off, according to the streaming star, who has verified that Ye will not be making an appearance on his live to continue this.

During the stream that Adin hosted on December 12, he stated, “I cannot allow my platform to be used to propagate hate.” Because I cannot permit my platform to be used to insult people, cause pain to people, or cause harm to everyone, I have decided not to bring the broadcast to a close.

“I see people writing L in my chat, and that’s cool, L Adin, I get it, you’re fucking, I get it.” I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it, and I mean that quite literally. I will keep this brief, easy, and straightforward. Yes, I am aware that it will be the most significant source of my income, but there are times when it is not worthwhile.

Given the number of companies that have already broken ties with West as a result of the current rhetoric he has been spreading, several fans have hypothesised that the programme was probably cancelled as a result of pressure from Adin’s partners.

According to Adin, this would be his most successful stream to date, if not ever, and it has the potential to compete with some of the records that have been established for the amount of viewers on Twitch.

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