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Why Does Sarada Look Like Karin?

Why Does Sarada Look Like Karin? Numerous readers of Naruto and Boruto have pondered whether or not Sarada and Karin are related. Sarada has been raised by Sakura primarily on her own thus far due to Sasuke’s extensive mission travel.

Sarada has been spending a lot of time alone because of Sasuke’s absence and Sakura’s busy work schedule. She began to doubt her relationship with Sakura after discovering an old photo of Sasuke with his Hebi colleagues.

Karin, who is standing next to him now, is quite similar to Sarada. Fans are left wondering how this is even possible after being so thoroughly surprised. For a long time, people have been curious about why Sarada resembles Karin, and later, why their DNA was found to be identical.

If you find this interesting so far, you should stick with us and keep reading to learn more about Karin’s connection to Sarada and how the whole situation unravelled.

Why Does Sarada Look Like Karin?

Although Sarada and Karin appear identical, this is primarily due to the fact that they have similar hair and glasses. As Sarada arrived at Orochimaru’s hiding place, she requested that Suigetsu compare her DNA with Karin’s.

He resolved to assist Sarada and checked what he believed to be Karin’s umbilical cord against Sarada’s. Not because Karin is Sarada’s biological mother, but because Suigetsu removed Sakura’s umbilical cord.

Karin assisted Sakura in delivering Sarada, and for sentimental reasons, she opted to keep the umbilical cord.

Why Does Sarada Look Like Karin

Is Karin Sarada’s Mother?

Sarada recognised Suigetsu from an old photograph she discovered when they arrived at Orochimaru’s lair. When the others followed Orochimaru, she took him aside and asked him if he knew Karin from the photograph.

After Suigetsu affirmed, Sarada asked if he could compare her genes to hers to determine if she was linked to Karin.

Orochimaru’s lair included very advanced technology, so Suigetsu utilised a machine to test Sarada as she requested.

Suigetsu used Sarada’s umbilical cord to determine if she was a genetic match for Karin. He believed that Karin’s umbilical cord was hers from birth, although this was later proven wrong.

When compared to Sarada’s genes, the umbilical cord was a perfect match. Sarada believed that her birth mother was Karin.

Suigetsu checked Sakura’s umbilical cord, or rather Sarada’s, resulting in a perfect match. Karin said that she assisted Sakura in giving birth to Sarada, after which she sentimentally kept the umbilical cord.

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People Reviews On Quora

Quora Reviews :-  “Of course Sakura is Sarada’s biological mother. This subject is not a matter of opinion anymore. It is a matter of right and wrong, and claiming otherwise would simply equate with being unwilling to admit/accept the events from the canon story.”

“Yeah they surprisingly look alike… but it doesn’t give anyone the authority of bending facts.. Sarada her self confimes that sakura is her mom..

They look same not bcs of Sasuke bit Karin or she transfered chakra or what ever the reason…

In gainden the reason sarada believed karin could be her mom is cus of sakura didn’t knew much about sasuke, karin is the one who in the pic with Sasuke and the fact Karin wears glasses..

But when adapting it to the anime aside from these 3 reasons they made them look alike… I think that’s why fans believe Karins Saradas, real mom…

But in Kishimoto’s sketches Sarada and sakura actually look alike..”

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