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Whoopi Sweater Controversy: What Was Written on Whoopi’s Sweater?

Whoopi Goldberg, the moderator of the popular talk show The View on ABC, wore a sweater on Tuesday, January 26, 2021. Viewers wasted no time in criticising her choice of clothing. Whoopi then proceeded to apologize to her audience at the start of the show before delving into the day’s most talked-about topic, which was appropriate given that she was the most talked-about topic.

When the 65-year-old moderator stated that she had no idea she was hurting anyone’s feelings, she appeared to be telling the truth. “Before we get into the programme, let me apologise,” she said first. Yesterday, I wore a sweater that, according to several people, made them feel uneasy; however, this was not my intention.

Whoopi did not address the content of the sweater or provide any insight into the viewers‘ displeasure with the show. She also did not respond to the viewers’ criticism of the show. People who either did not watch the performance on Tuesday or who watched it but did not pay attention to the outfit were required to conduct an internet search in order to gain an understanding of what all of the fuss was about.

What Was Written on Whoopi’s Sweater

Whoopi wore a sweater that featured the name and logo of the Prince Hall Freemasonry lodge, as can be seen in the image on the right, which was taken at the same time. She made the following declaration: “I recently purchased a sweater from the internet, and I will never wear it again, and that is all I can say about that.” Even though I have no idea what the negative connotations are or why people are upset, suffice it to say that I won’t be wearing it again, okay? The conclusion of the tale.”

Whoopi Sweater Controversy

On a variety of social media platforms, viewers of the chat show that was ultimately nominated for an Emmy provided their feedback on the show. They claimed that Whoopi was insensitive because she was seen wearing a sweater that featured the symbol of the Freemasons. Although some of the comments took on an angry tone, nearly all of them elaborated on the reasons why the commenter considered it to be in poor taste to wear the sweater.

One person vented her frustrations by posting a message on Twitter, in which she said, “It’s not that we don’t respect you or anything else, but the Masonic Order stipulates that you cannot wear that jacket if you are not a Mason.” It demonstrates a disrespectful attitude toward the resort. I am a member of the lodge as well as the Eastern Star organization; however, I am not permitted to wear my emblem.”

Another member of the audience shared their viewpoint, stating that the moderator of The View ought to do some preliminary research before just throwing something together and appearing on national television.

Whoopi Goldberg Has Her Own Apparel Brand

Whoopi Goldberg is the owner of her own clothing brand, and she has a selection of Christmas sweaters available for purchase. In addition to that, she supports the economic growth of the community by purchasing goods from local businesses. It was quite obvious from her apologies that she was unaware that she was wearing something that was inappropriate for her to wear at the time that she was wearing it. Viewers noticed that Whoopi did not take any risks for the rest of the week, opting instead to wear the plaid shirts that have become her trademark.

On a more personal note, I don’t put any kind of advertisement on my body, and that includes my clothes. If I were to wear it, it would give the impression that I support the product and that I am providing the company with free marketing. Aside from that, I do not appreciate it when people try to read my chest for any kind of product, service, company, sports team, or church, regardless of the context. It gives me an uneasy feeling in my stomach.

Whoopi Sweater Controversy

I have nothing against people who want to express themselves through the choice of what they wear, and some people like to wear things like sweaters, caps, hats, or other types of headwear that have writing on them. I just can’t picture myself following through with that. I’d much rather not be a walking billboard if there’s another option.

Viewers React on Twitter

After Whoopi wore the sweater while appearing on national television, a number of users of various social media platforms took to Twitter to share their reasons for being upset about the situation.

Why is Whoopi Goldberg wearing a Prince Hall Masonic Sweater on the View? “, asked one viewer. So disrespectful. Before just putting anything out there and appearing on national television, she ought to do some research first.

Another one of them stated that the reason why people were upset about your sweater is because it represents a Masonic Fraternity called the Freemasons. The issue was you, not being a member, and the fact that you were wearing it.

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