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Who is Tyler Lepley’s Baby Mother? Learn About His Family Relationships

Tyler Lepley is an American actor who was born on March 24, 1987. He is best known for playing Benjamin “Benny” Young in the hit TV show The Haves and the Have Nots, which was made by Tyler Perry and played on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Lepley grew up in Philadelphia with his mother and dad. His stepfather has been a big part of his life since he was 6 years old.

On his mother’s side, he has Italian blood, and on his biological father’s side, he has Jamaican ancestry. Lepley was teased because he was the only child in his school who was of two different races. He went to Central Bucks High School West in Doylestown for high school. When he was younger, he played many sports there, including track, football, basketball, and karate. Later, he focused mostly on football.

In June 2003, Lepley had a major setback in his high school football career when he got a serious injury that almost stopped his dreams of playing football. But he came back to the field successfully by the summer of 2004 after having surgery and working hard to get better.

In fact, Lepley did so well at a sports camp at Villanova University that he was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP). He got a football scholarship to go to Kutztown University so he could follow his football dreams. Up until the fall of 2007, Lepley played football for Kutztown University.

In 2010, he got a degree in criminal justice from Kutztown. In 2011, after Lepley graduated, he moved to Los Angeles to take advantage of a chance that a friend had given him. He got his start in the entertainment business when he got a job as a personal trainer at the Iron Fitness Gym in Santa Monica.

These experiences and accomplishments show Tyler Lepley’s past, including his interest in sports, his success in school, and his important choice to become an actor.

Who is Tyler Lepley Baby Mother?

April King is the mother of Tyler Lepley’s child. Tyler Lepley’s two older children were born to his ex-girlfriend, April King. Xi Lei Watts is the son of Tyler and Miracle Watts.

Who is Tyler Lepley Baby Mother?

Miracle Watts often talked about King and Lepley’s kids as if they were her own, which made things tense between the two women. But Tyler Lepley told both Miracle and April that he loves and respects them and that he wants peace in their relationships.

Tyler Lepley Baby Mother

April King, who used to be engaged to Tyler Lepley, is the mother of his child. She is the mother of Leo and Jade, his two older children. Miracle Watts, who is currently dating Tyler Lepley, has stirred up trouble on social media about the friendship between April King and Tyler Lepley. Xi Lei is the son of Tyler and Miracle Watts.

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When Watts complained on social media about how hard it is to be a business, it made things worse between King and Watts. Watts said that even though she had a lot of fans, her sales were not as good as she had thought. Watts talked about becoming a mother in her Instagram post. She talked about Lepley’s two children with King and the child she was expecting with Lepley.

This made King respond, saying that Watts was wrong to say that Leo and Jade were her own children. King said that Watts had only met Leo and Jade twice and once, respectively, and that they were not Watts’ children.

Watts wrote back that she didn’t want to try to take King’s place as a mother and that she just wanted to love and include the children as part of their family. Watts also said that she didn’t play games on the internet and that she knew how to reach King.

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Watts used this social media fight as a chance to talk about something else. He denied the myth that Lepley and King were ever engaged. Watts said that the rumor was not true and that she had talked about it personally with King.

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