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Who is the Strongest Superhero in History Ranked?

This list seeks to answer a slightly different question than the numerous lists that have attempted to determine which fictional characters are the most powerful superheroes. Which heroes possess the greatest physical strength? Who would win if forced to compete in a powerlifting competition?

The majority of heroes possess some degree of superhuman strength, even if it’s just enough to be able to throw and catch a shield made of pure metal, but few make it to the top tier. Marvel Comics has traditionally categorised the strength of its characters by the number of tonnes (4,000 lb or 907 kg) they can lift.

Rather than functioning as a literal measurement, the system is essentially a simple comparison system used to determine a character’s strength relative to all others. Here are the Top 7 strongest superheroes:-

The Hulk

From the beginning, you were aware of the conclusion. After being exposed to the radiation of a gamma bomb, Dr Bruce Banner was transformed into the monstrous “Hulk.” The specifics of their symbiotic relationship are subject to change, but there is one rule that cannot be broken in superhero comic books: Hulk is the strongest superhero.

Even though Superman may be able to move planets or bench-press the Earth’s core, even his superhuman strength has its limits. Hulk’s strength does not. It is a well-known law of superheroes that the angrier Hulk becomes, the stronger he becomes, with no limit to either.

Who is the Strongest Superhero

When Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk, he desires to fight, and the more he fights, the more enraged and powerful he becomes. It is a recursive loop, a self-fulfilling prophecy, that ensures Hulk will always triumph in feats of strength.

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Clark Kent was rocketed to Earth as a child to save him from the destruction of his home planet. He grew up knowing he was different from everyone he’d ever met, but instead of letting his isolation make him bitter, he used his empathy to realise that others felt the same way and chose to reach out to them and offer assistance.

He became Superman, the foremost symbol of hope in the world and often the universe. Superman’s strength has increased as dramatically as the rest of his abilities over the past eight decades, despite the fact that he was considerably weaker in his early days as the working-class hero.

Previously able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, he can now fly beyond the atmosphere of Earth. Whereas he was previously more powerful than a locomotive, he can now chain planets together and pull them through space simultaneously. He is a force of nature, and among the world’s superheroes, he is nearly unequalled.

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Wonder Woman

Whether she was created from clay and then brought to life by the gods or the result of an affair between Zeus and Queen Hippolyta, Princess Diana of Themyscira chose to leave her island paradise in order to travel to the world of men and fight to make it better and safer.

Who is the Strongest Superhero

Like Superman, most early versions of Wonder Woman were significantly less powerful than her modern counterpart; some even lacked powers all together. However, this Amazon has evolved with the times and is now one of the most powerful characters in DC Comics.

Marvel’s Superman Analogues

Marvel has created a number of Superman analogues and substitutes over the years. Hyperion is the most literal of these names. He hails from an alternate Earth whose premier superhero team is named “Squadron Supreme” and is comprised of purposefully obvious stand-ins for the Justice League’s primary members.

In “Avengers” #147 from 1976, where the Avengers and the Squadron Supreme clashed, the story was titled “Crisis on Other-Earth” as a nod to DC’s long history of using the word “crisis” to title its multiverse-heavy stories.

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The Wizard Shazam, in search of a new champion, discovered an orphan named Billy Batson, brought him to the Rock of Eternity, and determined that the boy possessed the potential to be an extraordinarily good person.

Knowing this, the Wizard granted Billy Solomon’s intelligence, Hercules’ strength, Atlas’ endurance, Zeus’ power, Achilles’ bravery, and Mercury’s speed. Simply by uttering the Wizard’s name, Batson will transform into a superhero.

Commander Atom

First appearing in Space Adventures #33 (1960), Captain Atom (Nathaniel Adam) was created by writer Joe Gill and artist/co-writer Steve Ditko. His enhanced senses, also known as his quantum senses, are one of his superpowers. Captain Atom perceives time differently than the average person, as he is able to view the past and future as a single entity. Essentially, he knows and can recall everything.


Hercules was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby during the Silver Age of Comic Books and was inspired by Greek mythology. In 2008, he was given his own series titled The Incredible Hercules. Simply put, Hercules is famous for his superhuman strength.

Hercules is so powerful that he can lift or press more than 100 tonnes, making him one of the most powerful Marvel Universe superheroes. Hercules is an Olympian god, which makes him immortal. He may be injured in combat, but he will not perish by conventional means.

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