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Who Is Stephanie Stumph’s Partner?

Who does Stephanie Stumph go out with? Yes, we’re talking about the SOKO Wismar actress who became a mother last year and was all over the news for it. Putting that aside, for now, fans are getting curious about who has won her heart recently.

Well, it looks like her love life and professional life are both going well. That’s awesome. Who is he, though? Before that, let’s talk briefly about how well-known Stephanie Stumph is.

Stephanie Stumph

Stephanie Stumph is best known as Wolfgang Stumph’s daughter from the movie “Go Trabi Go.” Now, it’s clear that her father taught her how to be an actress. Stephanie was born in 1984 in Dresden, where she still lives. She is now 38 years old.

Some of her most famous roles are in Leipzig Homicide, Stubbe, Von Fall zu Fall, The Shell Seekers, The Girl with the Indian Emerald, and others.

If you are a huge fan of Stephanie Stumph, you have to watch the series Die Bergwacht. She is also an excellent ballet dancer.

When it comes to her personal life, Stephanie Stumph has dated quite a few stars so far. Among them were Puja Behboud, Alexander Rethwisch, and others. What’s next? Who is the child’s father? Here’s what we know about Stephanie Stumph’s partner if you’re looking for him or her.

Stephanie Stumph’s Partner:

Florian is Stephanie Stumph’s partner when it comes to her love life. In June of last year, the couple had their first child together. Since it was their first time, they both made sure to post about it on social media.

Who Is Stephanie Stumph’s Partner?

Little is known about Stephanie Stumph’s partner. But now that she has a baby, the actress is having the best time of her life. She has never been a mother before.

So, she said, “Becoming a mom is hard, but it’s also very rewarding.” Well, if you’re a mother and you’re reading this, you’ll know what I mean. That’s right. Stephanie and Florian are lucky enough to have a son, whom they named Anton. She is said to drive him to work and be on the set with him.

What about Florian, Stephanie Stumph’s boyfriend? Well, her baby daddy has nothing to do with the movie business. He comes from Munich and works as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

How Did They First Fall in Love?

How did they first fall in love? Stephanie broke her ring finger on the set of the crime show “Der Alte.” She had to rush to a hospital because of this, where she met Florian for the first time. There was a short spark between them. So, it was the room for emergencies.

At the moment, Stephanie Stumph and Florian seem to be getting along well. No matter how busy they are with their jobs, Stephanie and Florian always make time for each other and their son. But no one knows if they are married or not. The actress would rather keep it quiet and hide it from the press. How do you feel?

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Stephanie always said good things about Florian when asked about him. He is not only a great person to be with, but also a good parent. He cares about her and loves him, but he also cares about Anton. What else does one need in her love interest?

We wish Stephanie Stumph all the best for the days to come. We hope that she and Florian will always be as close as they are now. Anton is getting lots of love! Make sure you’re following Stephanie on Instagram to get more news.

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