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Who Is Scott Hoying Partner?

Want to know who works with Scott Hoying? Yes, we’re talking about the baritone from the group Pentatonix, who is in the news because he was on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Well, today we’re going to talk about Scott’s private life. Fans are lately wondering if the singer has someone special in his life. Before we talk about that, let’s talk briefly about how well-known Scott Hoying is.

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Scott Richard Hoying

Scott Richard Hoying is also known as one-half of the American musical and comedy duo Superfruit. Scott was born in 1991 and lives in Arlington, Texas.

He is now 31 years old. Some of the songs he has worked on are The Sound of Silence, Daft Punk, Pentatonix Counts to Five, Last Christmas, Little Drummer Boy, Imagine, Blinding Lights, and more.

Well, Scott also had a guest role in Season 11 of Bones. Ted Gibbs was his character. Not to forget, he also won Grammy Awards, Streamy Awards, and other awards for his work in Daft Punk.

When it comes to Scott Hoying’s personal life, the singer has been with the same person for a long time. The question is who he is. So, yes! He is open about being gay and happy with himself. Also, how are things with his girlfriend? Here’s what we know about Scott Hoying’s partner, in case you were wondering.


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Who Is Scott Hoying’s Partner?

Mark Manio is Scott Hoying’s partner when it comes to his love life. But who is this person? Mark Manio works as a model for a living. He is signed with NTA Model Management, in case you were wondering.

Scott Hoying’s partner was born in 1991, so they are both 31 years old now. Mark is not only a model, but he is also a social media influencer with a great sense of style and fashion.

In June 2017, Scott Hoying and Mark Manio began seeing each other. So, they’ve been together for more than five years. Well, they are the relationship goals, and there are good reasons for that.


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When Did They Get Married?

We’ll talk about that soon. Last year, Scott took the lead and asked Mark to marry him. To be more specific, their wedding day was April 14, 2022. How about where it is? The event took place on a beach in The Bahamas. It was very sweet.

When asked about his relationship with Mark Manio, the Pentatonix baritone said, “I’ve never met anyone so kind and selfless.” On top of that, Scott talked about how easy it is to be with him always. He also said that they talked for hours from the very beginning. Scott Hoying and the person he likes, Mark Manio, like many of the same things.

On the other hand, Scott Hoying’s partner, Mark Manio, said, “He’s the most lovable, kind, caring, compassionate, and handsome guy ever.” He also talked about how easy it was to like Scott. The model himself said that every day feels like magic to him.

When asked about the proposal, the singer said that it was the scariest thing he had ever done up to that point. It was “just right.” At The Ocean Club-Four Seasons Resort in Nassau, Bahamas, the couple celebrated their fifth anniversary.

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You might not have known that Mark Manio, Scott Hoying’s partner, is a great songwriter. He’s even worked with Scott and put out the song “Thank You” with him. You haven’t heard it, right? The song was on the Christmas album “We Need a Little Christmas” by Pentatonix.

We hope the best for Scott Hoying. Follow this Pentatonix singer on Instagram to get more news about him. We can’t wait to hear about Scott’s wedding to Mark in the fall.

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