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Who is Queen of the South Based on? Is Teresa Mendoza Real?

Who is Queen of the South Based on: Fans have been captivated by Queen of the South since it debuted on television in 2016, and now, amid the intriguing fourth season, viewers can’t help but wonder if the series is based on a true story. Scroll down for all of our knowledge!

Alice Braga, the star of the show, once commented on the issue. “I believe it was inspired by some female cartel bosses, but it is a work of fiction,” she said to Bustle. “The novel differs greatly from the series. I mean, it was influenced by the novel, but they opted to construct a separate narrative for the character.”

Is Queen of the South Based on a True Story?

Given that the series is inspired by Arturo Pérez-best-selling Reverte’s novel La Reina Del Sur, it’s not surprising that there are issues over whether or not the show is based on actual events.

Then, does the book contain a factual story? Not quite Although the book drew inspiration from actual events in the drug world, it was not completely based on fact. Before USA Network decided to screen the series, a 2011 telenovela based on the same book aired.

David Friendly, the executive producer of Queen of the South, had to contact Telemundo, the network that hosted the show, but they informed him that the book’s author had to permit him.

However, this wasn’t precisely simple. “For over a year, I begged his agency in Spain to allow me to make an offer on the English rights to the book,” he told Vanity Fair. I felt it was an excellent narrative.

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He eventually prevailed, however. I believe they grew tired of my phone calls, so they permitted me to option the book. Thank goodness they did!

who is queen of the south based on

Is Teresa Mendoza Real?

On the show, Alice portrays the protagonist and drug lord Teresa Mendoza, who the USA network describes as “a poor young woman from the ‘barrio’ of Jalisco, Mexico who found a way to rise above her hopeless conditions — first by falling in love with a successful member of a drug cartel, and later by creating her powerful drug empire and becoming one of the wealthiest women in the world.”

Even though Teresa is the book’s protagonist, she is not a real person. However, Alice had to do much effort to become that figure. “I watched several movies on the powerful women of the cartel world, such as Cocaine Cowboys, and there is a real ‘La Reina del Pacifico in Mexico, so I attempted to read about her.”

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She went on, “[I was] somewhat influenced by actual events, but I tried to base myself on the character from the novel, whom I believe is a fantastic figure. To honor Teresa Mendoza from the book, I attempted to capture at least her humanity, or the essence of her character, even though her journey differs from that in the novel.” Alice, we believe you are honoring her rather nicely!

Where Can I Watch Queen of the South?

Queen of the South is currently available to stream on Netflix and USA (with a cable subscription), but you still have options if you don’t have an account with either service.

You can also purchase each season of Queen of the South on Prime Video, iTunes, Vudu, YouTube, and Microsoft Store for $9.99 in SD and $14.99 in HD.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Hit Series Queen of the South

It’s Based on a Spanish Television Series

The American crime drama is based on the 2011 premiere of the Spanish television series La Reina del Sur. In 2019, eight years after its debut, the Spanish series was renewed for a second season. Initially, it had only one season.

In Addition, This Spanish Television Series is Based on a Novel

The original Spanish series is based on Arturo Pérez-Reverte’s novel La Reina del Sur, published in 2002. The literal translation of the novel’s title is “Queen of the South.”

The tale is loosely based on a true event.

The novel La Reina del Sur was inspired by Marllory Chacón, a real-life female drug boss who was dubbed “Queen of the South” by the Guatemalan press. In 2014, she surrendered to U.S. authorities and is currently serving a jail sentence.

It was her breakout role on television.

Alice Braga, who plays Teresa Mendoza on the show, began acting in 1998 and has starred in numerous films, including I Am Legend with Will Smith.

Before she participated in Queen of the South, she had only appeared in a handful of Brazilian television shows, making her role in the American crime thriller her breakout role in television.

Season five concludes the series.

After a successful five-year run, it was revealed that season five will be the last of Queen of the South, which debuted in 2016.

You can now watch Teresa finally accept her Queenpin position and all that it entails on OSN. Fans will observe her making several difficult decisions, particularly regarding those closest to her. Additionally, she continues her pursuit of even greater power.

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