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Who Is Leo Woodall: Age, Height And All Other Details About Him Including His Girlfriend


There are a lot of things that will keep you interested in the new Netflix original limited series One Day. These include the story, the chemistry between the two main characters, and most likely, the lead actor Leo Woodall.

He shares the role of Emma Morley’s Dexter Mayhew with Ambika Mod in One Day. There are 14 episodes of a love story show with Emma and Dexter. When they met in 1988, they hit it off right away. After that, the show is mostly about one day, but it covers a lot of years in their lives.

Woodall’s performance is so gripping that it will hold your attention and make you cry throughout the long and complicated love story. He deserves an Emmy Award and should be up for one!

But let’s get to know him first before we start campaigning for an Emmy. This page has everything you need to know about the new talent.

Height And Age Of Leo Woodall

Woodall was born on September 14, 1996, in Hammersmith, London, England. When One Day comes out in February 2024, he will be 27 years old. Since Woodall was born on September 14, he is a Virgo.

Leo Woodall Height

Celeb Heights says Woodall is about five feet eleven inches tall, which is very close to six feet. Depending on the source, he is either six feet even or six feet and one inch tall. But Woodall is already pretty tall!

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The Actor Has More Than 150,000 Instagram Followers

Since the second season of The White Lotus, when he made his big break, Leo Woodall’s social media following has grown. Before One Day on Netflix started, the actor had 149K Instagram followers.

On the day of the show’s premiere, that number jumped to 151K and is still going up. No doubt, as the handsome star’s fame grows, more and more people will begin to follow him.

Woodall mostly posts promotional pictures on his Instagram. These could be pictures from his most recent shows, events, and premieres where he walked the red carpet, or beautiful photos from photoshoots.

Woodall’s “jolly ol’ time at the Emmys” was remembered with a slideshow of pictures from the January 2024 event. One of the pictures showed Woodall with his girlfriend Meghann Fahy and his co-star from “The White Lotus,” Jon Gries.

Education In Acting

Even though Woodall has had a great acting career, he never thought of himself as an actress. Peaky Blinders is said to have made him want to become an actor. Before that, he may have thought about becoming an athlete or doing trick work.

Putting in the work to learn how to act paid off in 2019 when he got his Bachelor of Arts from London’s ArtsEd. Woodall got his first professional credit the same year he graduated, so it didn’t take him long to get his first job.

Is Leo Woodall Seeing Someone?

Many viewers will want to know if Leo Woodall is in a relationship in real life since he plays the romantic lead in One Day. He’s already taken, I’m sorry. Together with Meghann Fahy, Woodall worked on The White Lotus. They are now dating.

Leo Woodall Wife

Elle had her first “like” on his Instagram post in January 2021, but they started dating when season 2 of The White Lotus started filming in February 2022.

When Woodall shared pictures of Polaroid photos with his and Fahy’s picture on the first slide, in September 2022, they were first linked.

Leo Woodall’s Career

Woodall started getting acting credits as soon as he got his acting degree. His name was put forward as a guest star for the hospital drama Holby City and the short film Man Down. Even though some of his scenes were cut from the Tom Holland movie Cherry, he was still the movie’s star.

He did work on the Russo Brothers’ movie, though, and then he was in the Amazon Prime show Citadel. It makes sense that The White Lotus made him famous. He is working on three more projects and can be seen right now on Netflix’s “One Day.” See his credits for movies and television shows below!

Man Down (2019) as Lei Holby City (2019) as Jake Reader Cherry (2021) as Rodgers Vampire Academy (2022) as Adrian Ivashkov
The White Lotus (2022) as Jack Citadel (2023) as Duke One Day (2024) as Dexter Mayhew Nomad (TBA) as Ben A Waiter in Paris (TBA) Nuremberg (TBA) as Sgt. Howie Triest.

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Leo Woodall’s Net Worth

Leo Woodall is worth $150,000. Acting is his main source of income. As a full-time actor, he is paid by the production business for his roles.

Most people don’t know how much he makes, though, because it’s usually kept secret. Also, it’s important to note that an actor’s pay is affected by a number of things.

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