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Who Is Emily Compagno’s Husband? How She Keeps Her Love Life Private

Who Is Emily Compagno Husband? Emily Rose Compagno is an American lawyer, TV host, and former cheerleader in the NFL. She is currently a co-host on the Fox News Channel show Outnumbered. Her appearances on Gutfeld in the late hours happen all the time.

Emily began her work in politics in San Francisco as a criminal defense lawyer after getting her law degree and passing the California bar exam. She is a very capable woman because she was also captain of the Oakland Raiders cheering team during that time.

From February 2023 on, Compagno is also the host of The FOX True Crime Podcast with Emily Compagno on Fox News Radio. Let’s read on to find out more about Emily Compagno’s work and life.

Who Is Emily Compagno Husband?

The Northwest is where Emily Compagno’s husband Peter Riley grew up. The University of Washington was where she and Peter went to school. Peter also wanted to get a degree in political science, but he already had one from 2000. Emily is a political science major with a BA.

Emily and Peter are the same age and don’t look like they have kids, but their love story is touching. There are rumors on the internet that Peter is worth up to $8 million, but this can’t be confirmed. He is said to be a major account manager for Netskope.

Is Emily Compagno Married?

However, if he and Emily make the same amount of money, the number is not totally crazy. Em and Peter got married on September 13, 2017, and they seem to be happy together. In fact, Emily had planned for them to say their vows on Villa Cimbrone, the Italian estate where her family used to live.

They said their vows outside in a Tea Room Pavilion. People have said that Emily and her husband are getting a divorce, but Emily and no one else has confirmed it.

Emily Doesn’t Like to Talk About Her Personal Life

Emily tries really hard to keep her private life out of the public eye, which is why she doesn’t talk about Peter on her social media sites.

What we found out on the internet, though, is that Emily and Peter met when they were teens and ran into each other again on the streets of Seattle just a year before they got married, even though they didn’t get married until 2017! It was love at first sight.

We’ve seen Emily in a regular part on Outnumbered and in the evenings on Gutfeld! She will now be continuing her career in talk shows on the Fox News network and as a guest on Fox & Friends. We know that Peter fully supports his wife’s public image no matter where he is or what he is doing.

Meet Peter Riley, Emily Compagno’s Husband

Several websites say that Peter Riley, also known as Pete Riley, is a 43-year-old real estate salesman. Emily Compagno likes to be in the spotlight, but her husband Riley prefers to stay out of the spotlight. That’s why they had a small, private wedding. Pete isn’t in the public eye right now, but that doesn’t change how strong his friendship with Emily is.

Is Emily Compagno Married?

“Seeing Emily and Pete’s love taught us about inner strength and character that has made us more aware of what marriage means,” Jos and Tree WoodSmith, who were wedding shooters, once said.

“La vita e un sogno. (Life is a dream).”

Peter Riley is a Real Estate Agent

Emily Compagno married Peter Riley in 2017. She is a host on Fox Information. One of the top 2% of Berkshire Hathaway real estate agents in the country is Peter.

He works as a real estate agent for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices NW Actual Property. From 2009 to now, Peter has been an agent. He was born in 1979 in the city of Portland, Oregon. The real real estate agent is white and from the US.

Peter got his bachelor’s degree from Portland State University in geology, knowledge review, and computer applications. After quitting his job as a knowledge analyst in 2009, he tried to get a license to sell real estate.

Peter became a real estate salesman in 2009 and then joined Prudential NW Properties, a company that deals in real estate. In 2011, he was one of the best real estate agents in Clark County.

They got married in a small ceremony in the middle of the decade. Since then, they’ve been a group.

Do Emily and Peter Have Children?

Along with her husband Peter Riley, Emily Compagno does not have any children. However, the TV host does have a pet. The highlight reel on Compagno’s Instagram says that she has a dog called Duchess.

She often takes pictures of the Duchess’s walks and trips, like when she goes to her family’s winery.

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Emily Rose Compagno is an American lawyer, TV host, and former cheerleader in the NFL. She co-hosts the Fox News Channel show Outnumbered and appears on Gutfeld.

Emily began her career in politics in San Francisco as a criminal defense lawyer. She is also the host of The FOX True Crime Podcast with Emily Compagno on Fox News Radio.

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