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Who is Dandelion on The Masked Singer?

On The Masked Singer, who is Dandelion? In The Masked Singer, everyone wants to know who is Dandelion, so let’s talk about this in detail in this piece.

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The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer is a reality singing competition show that premiered on Fox on January 2, 2019. It started in South Korea, and famous people sing while hiding their names behind full-body costumes and masks.

Nick Cannon hosts the show, which has a group of judges that includes Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke.

They try to figure out who each singer is by looking at clues given throughout the season. After each contestant sings, the crowd and judges vote for their favourite. The least popular singer is then voted off and must take off their mask to show who they are.

Who is Dandelion on The Masked Singer?

Dandelion is one of the unique contestants on the ninth season of The Masked Singer who acts on stage while hiding who they are. Nick Cannon is in charge of the show, and Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger, and Ken Jeong serve as judges. After a great performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” during the eighth week’s movie night, Dandelion became a top candidate.

She fought against Doll and Mantis. Doll was revealed to be Dee Snider of the band Twisted Sister. Dandelion said that her life was like Dorothy’s because a tornado destroyed her neighbourhood, but she was able to start over.

She may have worked with famous artists like Madonna, Elton John, and Flea, based on the hints that were dropped during the show. A pair of ruby red shoes with a tag that said “billboards” was also shown.

Who is Dandelion on The Masked Singer?

Dandelion said that she had been in TV shows, movies, and events and that she had even been on the same charts as Olivia Rodrigo.

The judges on The Masked Singer have tried to figure out who Dandelion really is. Nicole Scherzinger thinks it could be Zooey Deschanel, while Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg thinks it could be Emmy Rossum.

But some fans think Dandelion could be Vanessa Williams because her clue package talks about a “home” that was damaged by a storm and her ability to fix it.

This could be seen as a metaphor for what Williams went through when she was the first Black Miss America in the 1980s and then lost the title when it came out that she had posed for Penthouse magazine.

The Masked Singer Dandelion Guesses

Dandelion says that she has worked with famous people like Madonna, Flea, and Sir Elton John. Dandelion also says that she lives in a musical city where she can play the piano and that a tornado damaged her house. The visual clues have to do with her part in “The Walking Dead,” her movie “Cowgirls ‘n Angels,” and her 1998 movie “Urban Legend.”

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Dandelion ends by talking about her success with Billboard and her number-one hit “Chasing Shadows,” which came out around the same time as “Deja Vu” by Olivia Rodrigo. Dandelion’s versions of “Over the Rainbow” and “(I’ve Got A) Golden Ticket” from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” pleased the judges.

Even though the judges guessed wrong, the author of the article thinks they know who Dandelion really is and promises to share it along with other “The Masked Singer” spoilers.

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