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Where Was CODA Filmed? Is the Film Coda a True Story?

Where Was Coda Filmed: Ruby Rossi is the sole hearing member of her family in the novel CODA (which stands for “child of deaf adults”). Ruby has a passion for singing in this coming-of-age drama, but her parents, who work on a fishing boat, will never hear her perform.

CODA was mostly shot in and around Gloucester, Massachusetts, the same location where this summer 2019 film was shot.

Where Was CODA Filmed?

As with many films shot on location in actual cities, film fans will be anxious to visit Gloucester to see the locations featured in “CODA” for themselves. We’ve identified some of the film’s most iconic filming locations so you won’t be left wondering, “Where was ‘CODA’ shot?”

Where Was CODA Filmed

1) Lane’s Cove

Before we continue on to the subject of where the home from “CODA” is located, we will discuss Lane’s Cove, another site in Atlas of Wonders. This historic landing and harbour have been utilised for years and are obstructed by a noteworthy stone wall.

2) Rockport, Massachusetts

The next stop on their tour in Gloucester, Massachusetts is the swimming hole visited by Ruby in the film. This location is near Rockport, Massachusetts, close to Gloucester on the Cape Ann Peninsula.


According to Sceen-It, the Pigeon Hill Granite Company established the quarry around the year 1870. If you’re looking for a place to swim other than the beach, this is a great alternative!

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 3) C.A.V.( Pratty)

Remember the tavern where Ruby frequently visits her waitress friend, Gertie? According to an article in Good Morning Gloucester, this scene was filmed at Pratty’s C.A.V.

It is a neighbourhood tavern that has been in operation for more than three decades, and you can visit it now! If you are on a “CODA” tour of Gloucester, be sure to stop by and enjoy a drink.

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4) Briscoe Middle School

To kick off the proceedings, we have some sites provided by Atlas of Wonders. Ruby’s high school, Gloucester High School, is one of them. This is actually Briscoe Middle School, as it turns out.

The structure is currently undergoing restoration to become the Briscoe Village for Living and the Arts. Check out the building before it becomes unrecognisable from its film appearance. Ruby also sings at Briscoe Middle School during the Choir’s Annual Fall Concert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Film Coda a True Story?

Is CODA based on an actual event? CODA is not based on a factual tale; nonetheless, it is not rare for hearing children to be born to deaf parents; according to research, over 90% of hearing children born to deaf parents are not affected by deafness or other hearing impairments.

Where Was the Coda Lake Scene Filmed?

It was also published digitally on Apple TV+. CODA was filmed in several Massachusetts, and United States locations. The swimming sequences took taken in Rockport, Massachusetts’ Halibut Point State Park.

What is the CODA Acronym?

In music, “coda” typically refers to a finale or ending. However, in the deaf community, CODA stands for “child of deaf adult,” which is just the beginning for the students who founded the first sign language club on campus.


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