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Where To Watch Triada Episodes?

A good thriller keeps the audience guessing and thinking about what will happen next, while also making them curious about the mystery that is happening right in front of their eyes.

A good thriller keeps the audience guessing about every character, and the ending should not only surprise them but also make them feel excited.

Triada is a new drama that will come out on February 22, 2023. It is a mystery thriller. With the release of the show’s first trailer and some details about how it will work, there is already a lot of buzz about it.

The show will be about the crimes and mysteries that happen in the show’s setting. The show is in Spanish, but it will be dubbed into other languages so that more and more people can watch it.

Since the show was made and is set in Mexico, it has themes and accents from Latino culture and language. The show is also called Triptych, which is another name for it.

The original triptych was a piece of art made up of three tablets or canvases that were hinged together vertically to make the illusion of folding or a book-like shape. The two parallel canvases were smaller than the main canvas.

And the show does have this Triptych element or feature on more than one level, which makes the name of the show more important.

Since the story is about three women, which are the parallel and most different sides of the same Triptych, this makes it even more interesting.

The show’s main characters are played by Maite Perroni, Angel Zerman, and David Chocarro. Leticia Lopez Margelli came up with the idea for the show, and Leonardo D’Antoni and Alba Gil are in charge of making it.

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The Plot of Triada and the Trailer for the Show

As the name suggests, the show is about three different people who are different not only in who they are and how they act but also in how they see the world and how they were raised.

The show is told from the first-person point of view of Becca, who is a great forensic expert and has a great reputation in her field.

Where To Watch Triada Episodes?

She has solved a lot of cases, which has given her the skills to deal with just about anything. But things change, and Becca, who is good at everything, gets a case that will change her whole life, both now and in the future.

When she is called to look into the death of a woman, she finds out that the dead woman looks just like her.

This fact shocks her even more when she finds out that the dead woman has a twin sister who looks just like the first two.

When she decided to look into the case more, she found out that the dead woman was actually her sister and that her two twin sisters were actually triplets.

The show continues to tell the story of how Becca, on the one hand, gets over the shock of never having met her sisters and, on the other, deals with the sadness of losing a sister she never met.

Join Becca as she learns more about her family history and tries to figure out who she is and who should have been her family.

Why did she grow up in a different home than her sisters, and what’s the deal with this whole mystery? The show’s trailer shows us what the show is like in terms of the three sisters.

Streaming Guide for Triada

The show will air on February 22, 2023, which is a Wednesday. The show was made by Netflix Latin America, so it will only be shown on that platform.

The show was already available to people in Latin America starting on December 23, 2022. Because of how well it did, the show is now available to everyone.

If you have a Netflix account and a subscription, it’s easy to watch Triada episodes. Since the show is only made by Netflix, it can only be watched on Netflix.

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