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Marilyn Mosby’s Current Whereabouts: An Update!


Marilyn Mosby, the former Baltimore City State’s Attorney, is currently serving her sentence of 12 months of home detention and three years of supervised release, both to be served concurrently, along with 100 hours of community service.

As she fulfills her legal obligations, her current whereabouts are likely at her designated place of residence, adhering to the terms of her home detention. While her public profile may have diminished during this time, her legal team may be working on any potential appeals or legal matters related to her case. Mosby’s status serves as a reminder of the accountability required of public officials and the consequences they face for any legal infractions.

Where is Marilyn Mosby now?

Marilyn Mosby faces a significant sentencing hearing on May 23, with the possibility of up to 40 years behind bars. Attorney Alperstein explained to 11 News that Mosby will likely undergo electronic monitoring during her home confinement, possibly through an anklet, watch device, or cell phone tracking.

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While allowed to leave for approved activities, such as work, Mosby’s freedom will be restricted, unable to freely roam the community. Alperstein noted that in many federal cases involving home confinement, the defense may request a reduction in the term after demonstrating compliance over a certain period.

Mosby’s impending sentence and the conditions of her confinement underscore the legal repercussions of her actions, serving as a reminder of the accountability public officials face when found guilty of wrongdoing. As the legal process unfolds, Mosby’s future will be defined by the decisions made in the courtroom and the impact on her personal and professional life.

What’s Next for Marilyn Mosby?

Following the verdict, Marilyn Mosby’s attorney, Jim Wyda, confirmed that she is appealing the conviction. Explaining the rationale behind this decision, attorney Alperstein highlighted that Mosby has nothing to lose by appealing and suggested that the appeal process would take place in a federal court in Richmond, Virginia.

While the chances of success in an appeal are statistically low, Mosby is pursuing this legal avenue. Additionally, discussions about a potential presidential pardon have emerged.

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However, Alperstein noted the uncertainty surrounding presidential pardons and highlighted the unique aspect of Mosby’s request, as she maintains her innocence rather than seeking forgiveness. As Mosby navigates her legal future, the appeal process and potential pardon considerations will shape the trajectory of her post-verdict journey.


In conclusion, Marilyn Mosby’s legal journey post-verdict underscores the complexities and uncertainties of the legal system. As she pursues an appeal of her conviction and potentially explores avenues for a presidential pardon, the future remains uncertain. While the statistical probability of success in appeals is low, Mosby’s determination to challenge the verdict reflects her commitment to clearing her name.

The potential for a pardon adds another layer of intrigue, highlighting the unpredictable nature of such decisions. As Mosby navigates these legal pathways, her case serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by individuals within the justice system and the enduring quest for justice and vindication in the face of adversity.

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