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What is Sonia Isaza Height? Which is Her Favorite Exercises?

Sonia Isaza is one of the top fitness models and trainers in Colombia. She has just stunned millions of people with her daring appearance and strong physique. Let’s delve further into her biography, height, weight and more!

Who is Sonia Isaza?

Sonia Isaza is a fitness model, bodybuilder, and social media celebrity whose attractive physique is well-known. Originating from the Colombian city of Pereira.

After seeing bikini models in magazines, Sonia became interested in fitness in her early twenties. Within a few years of devoting herself to exercise, she transformed her physique into one worthy of competition.

What is Sonia Isaza Height?

She is 5 feet 3 inches taller and her body measurements are approximately 33-24-35. Regarding her actual age, she is currently 33 years old.

_Sonia Isaza Height

Early Life

Sonia Isaza was born and raised in the Colombian city of Pereira. In her early twenties, she became an avid fitness enthusiast after seeing bikini models in magazines, which sparked her interest in fitness. Consequently, she began to exercise, and within a few years, she had a physique worthy of competition.

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Sonia Isaza decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry after being inspired by the women featured in Colombian fitness magazines. As she was unfamiliar with the exercises, she hired a trainer.

Sonia began her journey by gaining muscle and mass, which made her appear overweight although she was not. She subsequently made the decision to join a gym and begin her fitness journey.

She actually relocated from Columbia to the United States in order to pursue her fitness career seriously. In 2006, she relocated to California and focused on establishing herself as a bodybuilding competitor.

After several months of training, she chose to compete against others. In search of success, she began approaching local contests around this time.

Her actual victory occurred following her qualification for the Arnold Classic Australia. Eventually, however, she felt a little depressed and realised that her true passion lay elsewhere.

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Personal Life

Sonia Isaza is currently unmarried but has a boyfriend, Arturo Vidal. He is a footballer from Chile. The couple posted several photos of themselves on her Instagram account.

In fact, additional rumours circulated about her relationship. In 2016, the media reported that she was dating a German bodybuilder she met at a bodybuilding competition.

_Sonia Isaza Height Sonia Isaza Height

Due to distance, however, their relationship did not last long. They were incapable of maintaining a long-distance relationship.

In addition, rumours circulated that she was dating a man she works out with at the local gym. However, none of these claims has been confirmed by Sonia herself.


Smith Machine Deadlifts

The glutes are Sonia’s favourite body part, and smith machine squats are one of her favourite exercises for building strong and curvy legs.

She prefers smith machine squats over traditional squats because she believes they place less strain on her lower back and isolate her quads, glutes, and hamstrings more effectively.

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Exercises for the Abs

Abdominal exercises are also a favourite of Sonia’s and one of the body parts for which she is renowned. Sonia recommends deviating from the conventional method in order to build a solid foundation.

She enjoys performing every abdominal exercise with weights, including crunches and leg raises in suspension. 10 to 14 repetitions of crunches with a cable are one of her favourite abdominal exercises.


The estimated value of Sonia Isaza’s wealth in 2022 is $2 million. In 2021, she has approximately $1.5 million. This means she earns approximately $500,000 annually from her various sources of income.

So, we can conclude that Sonia Isaza’s annual salary in 2022 is $500,000.

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