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What is Silky Mom on Tiktok?

What is Silky Mom on Tiktok? Every day, TikTok gives us fresh information. And, depending on the nature of your FYP, it provides a wealth of suggestions, methods, and guidance for parents.

This contains information on parenting styles, which now includes “silky mum.” Even while the phrase existed before TikTok brought it to light, some parents did not truly have a term for it until now.

What exactly is a silky mom on TikTok? Obviously, this is a far cry from the typical “crunchy mom” stereotype. But there is more to the label than being an anti-crunchy mother.

And after one mother released a video about her experience as a silky mother, others commented on their own views and feelings regarding claiming the title.

What is Silky Mom on Tiktok?

A silky mom, according to TikTok, is one who doesn’t take parenting too seriously as long as her children are fed, protected, well-cared for, and happy.

It should go without saying, but you’d be shocked at how passionate some parents can get about immunizations, breastfeeding, and toilet training.

According to one mother’s TikTok, potty training before 12 months (or even shortly thereafter) is a waste of time, and the “cheapest” diapers are the best.

What is Silky Mom on Tiktok

She also disclosed that her children are fully immunized and that red food coloring is permitted in her home.

Due to the fact that red dye 40 might induce bowel problems in some people, red food coloring is another matter of contention among parents. Moreover, it is an allergen for some children.

Silky mothers embrace technology in a manner uncommon among other parents. We’re discussing reasonable limitations on screen time.

Occasionally, logic is tossed out the window because many silky mothers believe that screen time is sometimes essential. We are not here to argue differently.

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Yahoo! Life characterizes smooth parenting as contemporary and standard. Silky mothers accept medical deliveries and are unafraid to choose formula feeding over nursing out of personal desire alone.

As previously said, they frequently take firm stands on contentious issues.

Crunchy Mother

A crunchy mother is extremely different from a smooth mother. She favors organic foods and possibly even clothing and prefers cloth diapers over disposable ones. She likely favors a lack of vaccinations and utilizes unconventional parenting approaches.

But “scrunchy mum” is the result of combining a silky and a crunchy mother. Scrunchy mothers blend the greatest aspects of both parenting styles to create an entirely new approach.

However, when it comes to basic parenting, there is no “wrong” way to do things provided your children are happy and safe.

However, we would be dishonest if we claimed that TikTok does not continually teach us something about literally every element of society.


Silky Mom is a term used to describe a parent who takes parenting seriously as long as their children are fed, protected, well-cared for, and happy.

Silky mothers embrace technology, but crunchy mothers blend the greatest aspects of both parenting styles to create an entirely new approach.

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