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What Is A Heart Attack Letter In Mayor Of Kingstown?

What Is A Heart Attack Letter In Mayor Of Kingstown? When diplomacy is not an option, Robert’s (Hamish Allan-Headley) SWAT team is the force of nature that preserves order and administers justice in Kingstown.

Robert held a crisis meeting in Left With the Nose (S02E06) and reported receiving a “Heart Attack Letter.” Fans are still unsure as to why the letter is referred to as a “heart attack letter” and what repercussions it has for the SWAT squad.

What Is A Heart Attack Letter In Mayor Of Kingstown?

Robert Had Received a Heart Attack Letter

Robert had a crisis meeting with Ian, Mike, and Kyle and informed them that he had received a heart attack letter and had been instructed by the DA to seek legal counsel.

The letter addressed the Internal Affairs probe concerning his SWAT team’s conduct during the prison riot, during which they entered the prison to save Ian and Kyle.

Initially, he believed a prisoner had volunteered to testify against the SWAT team, but Mike informed him that no prisoner was speaking with the district attorney. The fact that a member of Robert’s own team had betrayed them soon became evident.

Robert’s squad had little authority in the prison, but after Ian and Kyle became stuck in the vent, they forced their way in and rescued them. Clearly, they had enraged certain individuals at the top.

Robert and his squad slaughtered a large number of inmates, but not as indiscriminately as the National Guard, which shot at the detainees from the walls. If Robert’s team was probed, however, there would likely be evidence of malfeasance.

What Is A Heart Attack Letter In Mayor Of Kingstown

The worst thing that happened to Robert was that a teammate betrayed him. His crew has engaged in illegal shootings in the past, particularly against dangerous offenders who would otherwise exploit the legal system to evade prosecution.

Robert then stated in Drones (sO2e07) that the informant was Ben Moore, a team member who cut a deal with the DA to testify against the rest of the crew. Ian and Kyle are upset with Ben since, according to them, he shot at least twenty convicts by himself.

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What Transpired Throughout the Jail Riot?

Ian and Kyle were trying to transfer Milo to the DA’s office when a riot broke out while they were still inside the men’s prison. The two were knocked unconscious by the instigators of the disturbance, and when they awoke, the prison had been taken over by the other convicts.

Ian had to assist Kyle in fleeing through the vents in order to hide from the armed inmates. Kyle then contacted Mike to track his whereabouts, resulting in Robert and his squad infiltrating the prison before the National Guard came to rescue the two officers.

On their way out, the SWAT team killed multiple armed prisoners with gunfire. The squad assisted in preventing the prisoners from continuing the disturbance inside the prison while the National Guard opened fire from the walls.

Despite murdering a large number of prisoners, the SWAT team was not as harsh as the National Guard and only shot at those who were actively firing back. Ian and Kyle were successfully led to freedom by Robert’s crew.

They were not accused of wrongdoing at the prison until Robert presented the Heart Attack Letter. Therefore, the investigation is obviously a witch hunt.

What Is A Heart Attack Letter In Mayor Of Kingstown

What Are the Potential Outcomes of This Investigation?

The district attorney instructed Robert to hire an attorney, which means that he and the rest of his team may lose their jobs if they cannot get their narrative straight. Therefore, Mike urged that they sit down and compare their respective narratives.

Kayle spoke with the captain, who informed him that IA will examine the specifics, which he viewed as a major issue because details tend to uncover errors.

Mike also cautioned them from conversing with Ben and stated that he would speak with him to ensure that he would not burn the entire house down. Robert added that his attorney advised him not to speak with the informant.

Since the DA has already reached an arrangement with Ben, he will be required to testify against the team, and any inconsistencies in their accounts could be used against them.

Since he is not involved in the investigation, Mike may only speak to Ben directly. Additionally, he can utilize his influence with the assistant district attorney to obtain information about the investigation and assist Robert and the team in protecting themselves.

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