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What Happened to Liz on Swamp People? Why Did She Leave The Show?

What Happened to Liz on Swamp People? Time to get your gun out! The History Channel has returned with a new season of Swamp People, but many fans are asking what became of Elizabeth Choate, aka the Gator Queen.

What Happened to Liz on Swamp People?

Many members of the cast were let go in 2015 by the show’s producers. Liz made the decision to announce her departure from the show via social media.

With Season 7, she and her family “will no longer be participating in the Swamp People series for unknown reasons by the production company Original Media,” she stated on Facebook. It makes me sad to think that our followers will bear the brunt of the new management of this production company’s irrational decisions. Reality.

We’re going to keep doing what we’ve always done and want to keep in touch with you all. Gator Queen Liz sends her affection to her adoring public.

Why Did She Leave The Show?

Many viewers of “Swamp People” may still be in the dark about the circumstances behind Elizabeth Choate’s departure, despite the fact that the news of her departure was widely discussed at the time.

What Happened to Liz on Swamp People

Elizabeth’s departure from the programme appears to have been more the result of an executive decision than her own actions, however, there is a wide range of reasons that could result in the dismissal or departure of a reality star.

Although the exact reasons why she and a few other cast members were asked to leave in 2015 remain unclear, it is generally accepted that the show was undergoing significant changes in its management at the time and that the decision to let go of several key players was made by contracting producers.

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Evidently, all that was said to Elizabeth about her “Swamp People” stock being out was that she was out. She couldn’t just cease appearing in the show without telling her fans why, so she broke the news to them on Facebook, saying she was sorry they would have to suffer the most because of it, and adding that she still wanted to keep in touch with them despite the end of her TV career.

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Why Was Liz Booted Off Swamp People?

The question remains as to why Liz ever left Swamp People in the first place. She stated that “unknown motives by the production company ‘Original Media'” were the cause of her resignation in 2015. They may have requested her to remove the message, but Liz later said she would not.

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