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What Happened to Jelani Day? Murder or Suicide?

According to Jelani Day’s mother, she hasn’t had time to grieve in the year since her son went missing and was later found dead in the Illinois River near Peru while attending graduate school at Illinois State University. Carmen Bolden Danville resident Day said “every day is a challenge” as she continues to seek answers about her son’s death on The 21st.

Who is Jelani Day?

Jelani is the son of Dapper Dan, a fashion icon. Jelani Day, age twenty-five, was the fourth of five children raised by Carmen Bolden Day in Danville, Illinois; two girls and three boys.

What Happened to Jelani Day?

His body was discovered in the Illinois River in Peru, about an hour north of the downstate school in Bloomington Normal, a week and a half after he went missing. Even though the LaSalle coroner concluded that Jelani drowned, his mother Carmen insists that her son was a strong swimmer and believes foul play was involved.

What Happened to Jelani Day

Cause of Death

Authorities said Monday that Jelani Day, a former graduate student at Illinois State University, drowned and showed no signs of other injuries. On the 25th of September.

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How Many Siblings Did Jelani Day Have?

Decara Day, Jelani’s older sister, added, “I want people to know he was full of life.” He had a clear vision of how he wanted to live his life and what he wanted to accomplish. Jelani Day, 25 years old, was a graduate student in speech pathology at Illinois State University on August 24, 2021, when he mysteriously vanished.

What Did His Mother Say?

“I don’t even know whether I have gotten to grieve,” she mused. So, if I’m mourning, I’m grieving all the time. I’m juggling a lot of things at once, trying to keep everything running smoothly. The flow of life continues unabatedly. Nothing stops in life.

What Happened to Jelani Day

While news of Day’s death and disappearance made headlines around the country last year, the case has gone cold after his phone was uncovered months after his body was discovered.

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Bolden Day claims police were uncommunicative and sluggish to respond when her son went missing, leading her to assume he was killed. She admitted that she was unaware of the case’s progression until she started following it on social media.

Bolden Day, who is Black, has suggested that the police’s response may have been biased because of her colour.

If Jelani were a white male or if I were white, perhaps they would have paid more attention to me. She pondered, “Is the inequality that I have encountered throughout all of this.”

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What Did Bolden Day Announce?

Bolden Day has announced that the family is seeking money for other minorities who have had loved ones disappear.

I want Jelani to be a symbol of change,” Bolden Day stated. “I wouldn’t want another mother, father, or family to have to go through what we have gone through and are going through; I wouldn’t want this on my worst enemy.”

On Saturday night at ISU’s Bone Student Center, the family will hold an “All-White affair” to officially launch the foundation.

The FBI has stated that the Jelani Day task force can be reached at 1-800-CALL-FBI for any further information regarding the investigation. In December 2016, the task force announced a $10,000 reward for information that aids the inquiry.

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