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What Happened To Canute In Vikings? Is He the Final Viking King?

What Happened To Canute In Vikings?

King Canute, who ordered the invasion of England after King Aethelred’s St. Brice’s Day Massacre happened years before the events of Vikings: Valhalla, was a major player in the first season.

Despite his early prominence in Vikings: Valhalla, he was eventually written out of the show. What Happened To Canute In Vikings?

Who is Canute In Vikings?

To put it simply, Canute is Olaf the Great’s trusted advisor. An experienced Viking warlord and the king’s personal torturer. He is heartless and takes pleasure in seeing others suffer.

What Happened To Canute In Vikings?

Godwin had a relationship with Aelfwynn early in season 2 of Vikings: Valhalla, and he revealed to her that he hoped his offspring would one day sit on the throne of England, despite the fact that neither he nor she was of royal blood.

It was certain, though, that Godwin loved Aelfwynn, and he wanted to marry her. Godwin had a crush on Aelfwynn, and she was on him because he was so kind to her. Aelfwynn frequently bragged about Godwin’s excellent nature to Princess Gytha, Canute’s niece.

Of fact, Canute was still alive at the time because Godwin wrote to him to ask for Canute’s approval of his marriage to Aelfwynn. This union has Canute’s approval, and he responded warmly. That Godwin wanted to wed Aelfwynn was no secret from King Canute.

What Happened To Canute In Vikings

The fact that Godwin and Aelfwynn were dating didn’t become known to Emma until late in the day. It was then that she began to suspect that Godwin had sent the assassin after her on the advice of Aelfwynn, seeing as how Godwin was Aelfwynn’s brother.

Because Emma believed Godwin had confided in her about his lofty ideas, she tortured Aelfwynn to learn more about them.

Aelfwynn had no idea what Godwin was up to beyond his seeming sincerity when it came to his feelings for her. In the end, Aelfwynn succumbed to her wounds, and Emma was left seemingly bereft and plagued by guilt for the murder of Godwin’s fiancée.

Godwin was very outspoken in his belief that Aelfwynn’s killing was unnecessary, leaving Emma to question whether or not she had acted appropriately in torturing her former lady-in-waiting to death.

Canute’s return to England proved he was still alive, and he arrived just in time for both Emma, who needed his reassurance, and Godwin, who needed him to carry out his master plan. Canute saved Denmark from the invading Wends and went home to his queen.

Emma explained to Canute what transpired between her and Godwin, and how she was to blame for Aelfwynn’s demise.

Canute comforted the queen about her fear following an attempt on her life, but he also reminded her that they owed Godwin an apology and reparations.

Having determined that it was right to welcome Godwin into his family despite his queen’s responsibility for the murder of his sweetheart, he set about arranging a marriage between Godwin and Princess Gytha.

Godwin anticipated that Canute would try to make up for his loss by marrying him off to Gytha, who shared Aelfwynn’s admiration for Godwin.

Since Godwin had married a woman of royal lineage, he could finally realize his ambition of having his offspring succeed to the throne of England, and Canute fell right into his trap.

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Is Canute Still Alive in Vikings?

King Canute was a major player in the first season of Vikings: Valhalla. Canute was arguably the most significant early-series Viking because of his historical significance and central role in the unfolding events.

The reason for this is that he was the one who rallied the Vikings together to take revenge on King Aethelred for the St. Brice’s Day Massacre.

Thus, Canute was the one to lead the charge against Edmund and the English army. Though he and the Danish army had some initial difficulties during their invasion of England (especially due to infighting among Vikings due to religious differences), he was ultimately successful in his quest for vengeance.

The plan devised by Leif Ericsson to undermine the strength of London Bridge played a significant role in this.

To that end, King Canute spared both King Edmund and Queen Emma during his conquest of London and coronation as the new king of England. Canute was so taken with Queen Emma’s strategic brilliance during the defense of London that he married her.

Canute’s conquest of England was a major plot point in the first season of Vikings: Valhalla when he appeared to be one of the show’s central figures.

The fact that Canute had already contributed to the conquest of England, however, diminished his significance as the series progressed.

His homeland of Denmark was reportedly under attack by the Wends, a group of Slavic people who lived in eastern lands that are now part of the greater country of Russia, so he and Queen Emma had to flee England.

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Therefore, it was imperative that he go back to his homeland to serve as a leader for his people in the face of this enemy.

Not only did Canute leave Queen Emma in charge of England after his death, but he also summoned his father, King Sweyn Forkbeard, to keep an eye on the country he had just conquered. Because of this, while Canute was away, Forkbeard and Emma effectively ruled England.

Canute was still missing at the start of the second season of Vikings: Valhalla and Forkbeard had left England to repel an attack by Christian Vikings on Kattegat. That made Queen Emma the sole ruler of England, and she immediately faced challenges from within her own realm.

While Emma was understandably concerned about the dangers she faced, she didn’t appear to be too concerned about Canute, who was obviously still alive throughout the events of season 2.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ragnar Have Any Relation to Canute?

Canute (Bradley Freegard), per the Icelandic sagas, was a direct descendant of Ragnar Lothbrok via Sweyn.

Is Ragnar the Father of Canute?

The younger son of Sweyn, King of Denmark and an ally in the conquest of large swaths of England and Wales, he is the future ruler of those territories.

He is the youngest sibling, with an older sibling named Harald and a younger sibling named Estrid. Canute’s biological father is Sweyn, but he was raised by his guardian, Ragnar, who loved him like a son.

Is Canute the Final Viking King?

Even though Anglo-Norse influence over Scotland was weak and ultimately did not last by the time of Cnut’s death (1038), Malcolm II of Scotland submitted to him in 1031.

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