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What Does Fake Body Mean on Tiktok? Tiktok Guidelines!

What Does Fake Body Mean on Tiktok? Jo Gyu Seon, a South Korean fitness celebrity who routinely uploads shirtless videos to the app, told Insider that three of his shirtless postings were removed before he began using the “false body” tag. A video of Seon raising his shirt that was shared on his account on January 22 and tagged with the hashtag has been seen over 1.6 million times.

“Fake Body”

  • TikTok users frequently include the phrase “fake body” in their video captions.
  • People utilise it when posting videos of themselves wearing a suggestive top or bikini.
  • Using this sentence prevents TikTok from removing the video for breaking its “minor safety” or “nudity” policies.
  • The phrase is frequently expressed as a hashtag accompanied by a warning symbol, such as #fakebody.

What Does Fake Body Mean on Tiktok

What Does “Fake Body” Mean on Tiktok?

You may encounter films on TikTok whose authors have typed “fake body” in the caption. Typically, these people will place a caution emoji before the word “fake” and another one after the word “body.”

However, as you’ve likely observed, none of these videos shows a “false body” or fake body. There are no dolls or mannequins present. Nothing appears synthetic. I would imagine that most of these creators have never undergone plastic surgery. So why is this? What does the phrase “fake body” mean?

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In actuality, the phrase was not intended for spectators. Rather, authors include the phrase in their descriptions to circumvent TikTok’s censorship system.

When a creator uploads a video of themselves wearing a revealing top or bikini, the video risks getting removed. Writing “fake body” is intended to prevent the video from getting flagged for minor safety or nudity violations.

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TikTok Guidelines

TikTok has extremely tight guidelines regarding nudity, and any videos found in violation are immediately removed.

 Community Guidelines of TikTok, “We do not permit pornographic or sexually explicit content on our site.”

“We do not accept acts that perpetuate the abuse, harm, endangerment, or exploitation of kids on TikTok,” the app states about minor safety.

What Does Fake Body Mean on Tiktok

“Any content, whether animation or digitally made or modified media, that shows abuse, exploitation, or nudity of minors is a violation on our platform and will be removed as soon as it is discovered,” the statement reads.

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When someone is wearing slightly revealing clothing or swimwear, TikTok frequently misinterprets this as nudity, therefore users use the phrase “fake body” to avoid having their video banned.

View on #fakebody

On TikTok, the hashtag #fakebody has approximately 1.8 billion views, whereas the same hashtag with a yellow “warning” symbol has more than 840 million views. The vast majority of pictures with the hashtag depict real people, frequently in revealing clothes like crop tops or bikinis.

TikTok users believe that by adding the tag to their videos, they can mislead the automatic moderation system into believing that the body in the video is a mannequin or sculpture.

TikTok said in July 2021 that it would begin employing automatic techniques to delete “adult nudity” videos, rather than relying only on human content reviewers. Thus, certain videos that a human administrator may not believe to be in violation of TikTok’s standards may be automatically removed by the app.

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