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Unlocked (2023) Movie Ending Explained: Is Jun-Yeong in Custody?

Unlocked (2023) Movie Ending: Unlocked is a Korean thriller about a woman whose smartphone is discovered by a dangerous person who uses it to wreak havoc on her life. The film is currently available on Netflix. Check out the Unlocked (2023) Movie Ending Explain:-

Unlocked (2023) Movie Ending

What is the True Identity of Jun-Yeong? Is He Alive or Dead?

The counterfeit of Jun-Yeong threatens to kill Na-father mi by drowning him in the bathtub. While she begs to do everything to save him, he instead requests that she murder him.

When he tosses her into the bathtub, the rising water leads her father to get out of breath.

The imposter believes his scheme is proceeding successfully until he discovers a note from the police requesting that she phone them rather than text them.

This causes him to become aware of the Ji-entrance man’s companion When he pursues him with the intent to kill, Ji-Man draws his weapon.

His colleague takes Na-mi from the bathtub and performs chest compressions on her father while she lies despondently on the ground.

Ji-man inquires as to what happened to Jun-Yeong of the fake. His notes suggest that Jun-Yeong is one of his victims.

Like the others, he found his phone and learned everything about his life. Then, he decided to assume his identity and transform himself into a murderer.

Before Ji-man can kill him, Na-mi stands up, grabs his partner’s gun, and shoots the impostor in the chest.

Unlocked (2023) Movie Ending

The father of Na-mi is ultimately saved, much to her relief, but the imposter exhibits signs of life. She receives a message from her best friend indicating that the imposter’s attempt to demonstrate how distant humanity is also failed.

This occurrence is covered by the media, and it is revealed that the imposter is simply unconscious and not deceased. In addition, he was never registered at birth, therefore he has no identity.

In addition, Na-coffee mi’s father’s business receives much attention as a result. But, an anonymous third party films her from a distance. As Na-mi realizes this, the film concludes with a suggestion of a second stalker.

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Is Jun-Yeong in Custody?

Na-mi baits Jun-Yeong by requesting that she examine her laptop for spyware at his residence.

Ji-man and his colleague ambush him as he approaches the entrance to Na-building. Mi’s But, Ji-man does not acknowledge him as his son.

Assuming ignorance, he inquires whether they are interrogating a common citizen. Lacking evidence to question him, the two Jun-Yeong depart.

He notifies Na-mi via text message that he will be unable to attend. The three suspect that he may be aware of their plot.

Ji-man and his partner depart but request that Na-Mi contact them if Jun-Yeong returns to her residence.

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How is Na-Mi Captured by Jun-Yeong?

After they leave, Na-mi receives a text from Jun-Yeong stating that he is still spying on her despite the fact that she changed her phone.

Although he still has access to her phone, he deletes the number when she attempts to call the police.

He plays an audio recording of her father warning her to be cautious around him. Afterward, he exposes himself, having previously invaded her residence. He promises he will release her if any of the three individuals he eliminated from her life contact her.

He compels Na-mi to send a text message to the police assuring them that everything is alright. He then shows her footage of himself with a knife to his throat.

Then, Jun-Yeong visits the restroom. When Na-mi pursues him, she discovers that his father is tied to the bathtub and that Jun-Yeongis holding a knife to his throat.

Ji-man receives a shocking phone call informing him that a DNA test conducted on one of the earlier victims revealed that it was Jun-Yeong.

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Unlocked is a Korean thriller about a woman whose smartphone is discovered by a dangerous person who uses it to wreak havoc on her life. Na-mi shoots the imposter in the chest, saving her father, but the imposter exhibits signs of life.

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