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Twomad Girlfriend: What Happened To His Transgender Girlfriend Of 16 Years?

Twomad is a famous content maker who has gained a lot of fans across many platforms thanks to his weird and often funny videos. There are a lot of unanswered questions about his life, but reports and interest have mostly been about his relationships, especially with his girlfriend.

Fans are always interested in finding out more about Twomad’s love life, even though his real name is Brandon and he doesn’t talk much about it.

Because Twomad is well-known in the online community, his fans are very interested in his girlfriend’s name and background, which has led to many talks and rumors.

Twomad Girlfriend

Brianna Ghey, Twomad’s transgender girlfriend who was 16 years old, died in February 2023. Someone from Canada named Muudea Sedik makes videos and is known as “Twomad” online. He is famous for his work on YouTube and Twitch.

Many people on the internet have different ideas about who Brianna Ghey might be, but there is no proof that she is Twomad’s real lover.

Twenty-One Mad was born in Canada on December 17, 2000. He quickly became famous on the internet. The YouTuber became well-known among his peers online thanks to the Goodnight Girl meme and other funny videos he shared in the beginning.

What Happened To His Transgender Girlfriend Of 16 Years?

His friendly personality and funny skills helped him connect with the audience on a personal level, which earned him a dedicated following.

Along with playing games, the Canadian streamer and comedian mostly made funny skits and commentary on different topics on his YouTube channel.

Some of the well-known content providers he worked with, like Bell Delphine, Hasan Abi, and Markiplier, helped him become famous. He last posted a video to his second account, twomad360, on September 8, 2023, before going on that long break.

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What Happened To His Transgender Girlfriend Of 16 Years?

The person who posted the picture of Brianna Ghey in June 2023 seemed to be making fun of the fact that she had been killed and was too young to be there.

Even though people told him his claim was silly, he stuck to it and even made fun of people who didn’t believe that bullies slew her in a tweet.

Twomad supposedly dated a transgender girl from Warrington, England, named Brianna Ghey, who is 16 years old. She went to Birchwood Community High School and lives in the same neighborhood as her parents.

After being told she had autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, she was said to not be aware of any events that could be dangerous.

Because she was a transgender woman herself, she was always ready to help other women who were going through the same problems.

Because she was transgender, many other students at her school didn’t accept her as she was, so they would constantly pick on and bother her.

Twomad Girlfriend

She never let the fact that school was hard show on her face. Instead, she used miming and dancing to popular songs on TikTok as her only way to keep herself going.

Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe, two of her friends, killed her in February 2023 after leading the poor trans girl to believe she had killed herself.

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Twomad Death

Police in Los Angeles checked on Sedik on February 13, 2024, after not hearing from him for a few days. His body was found at his home in Los Angeles, and police are still looking into what happened. The police say Sedik may have died from taking too many drugs. He was 23 years old.

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