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Tokyo Vice Season 2 Release Date – Which Stars Will Return for the New Season?

Tokyo Vice is an American crime drama television series created by J. T. Rogers. It is based on Jake Adelstein’s 2009 novel of the same name. Rogers, along with John Lesher, Michael Mann, Alan Poul, Ansel Elgort, Emily Gerson Saines, Jake Adelstein, Kayo Washio, and Brad Pitt, also served as executive producers on the show. Ken Watanabe, Destin Daniel Cretton, and Caleb Kane.

The first season of the show debuted on HBO Max on April 7, 2022. The series garnered mixed reviews from reviewers and viewers. Given this, the sitcom was renewed for a second season in June 2022.

Tokyo Vice Season 2 Release Date

The official return date for Tokyo Vice has yet to be determined, but the program is expected to return in 2023.

In an HBO/HBO Max video previewing their 2023 lineup, Tokyo Vice was listed as one of the series returning for a new season in 2023. Due to the fact that the footage shown was from season 1, it is currently impossible to determine how far along the production of the new season is.

The Cast of Tokyo Vice season 2

Ansel Elgort played Jake Adelstein, Ken Watanabe played Hiroto Katagiri, Rachel Keller played Samantha, Rinko Kikuchi played Eimi, and Shô Kasamatsu played Sato. In addition, Ella Rumpf portrayed Polina, Hideaki Ito portrayed Jin Miyamoto, and Tomohisa Yamashita portrayed Akira.

HBO has not confirmed who will return for season 2, but we can presume that Elgort, Watanabe, Keller, and Kikuchi will. Because of where we last saw Kasamatsu and Ito, their status is a little more uncertain. As soon as the Tokyo Vice season 2 cast is announced, we will provide an update.

Takayuki Suzuki (Invasion) is joining the show in the role of Masahito Ohno, a patron of a hostess club who becomes entangled in the underworld that operates behind the club’s curtain, according to Variety.

The Plot of Tokyo Vice Season 2

Tokyo Vice is based on Jake Adelstein’s biography about his experience covering the police beat and the Yakuza in 1990s Tokyo. There have been some issues raised regarding how much of Adelstein’s narrative is true, but we’ll save that for another day.

Jake got a job on the police beat at a well-known Tokyo newspaper in the first season. Following his early troubles, he develops strong contacts with a number of people, allowing him to go deep into the Yakuza. This includes his editor, Eimi, a police investigator named Katagiri, a Yakuza member named Sato, and Samantha, an American hostess.

Jake uncovers shocking links to the criminal underworld while investigating a run of apparent suicides. The closer he gets, though, the more perilous things get.

Aside from Jake, we watch Samantha try to raise money to start her own club, but her own relationships with the Yakuza and her background complicate matters; she is also concerned about her friend Polina, who goes missing and Jake discovers was murdered.

Tokyo Vice Season 2 Release Date

Then there’s Sato, who is steadily rising through the Yakuza ranks but appears to be confused about his chosen job. Sato is assaulted, stabbed, and left for dead at the end of Season 1, but we don’t know if he survives. Was this an attack by a rival Yakuza family, or an inside job because Sato was beginning to question his superiors?

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We never saw it elsewhere, but it wasn’t looking good for the crooked officer Jin Miyamoto, who was dragged away by his former mafia bosses after appearing to turn a corner. Although there is no official summary for Tokyo Vice season 2, this is what J.T. Rogers had to say about the forthcoming season:

“Writing and then producing the first season of Tokyo Vice with this extraordinary group of artists was an unparalleled experience.” So I’m overjoyed that we’ll be able to continue. I can’t wait to return to Tokyo and work with our incredible cast and team. Stay tuned: there will be twists and turns in the story!”

Trailer for Season Two of Tokyo Vice

There is currently no trailer for season 2 of Tokyo Vice. Even the HBO Max tease video for the new season utilizes footage from the first season. When the first footage of the new episodes becomes available, we will post it here.

How to Watch Tokyo Vice?

Tokyo Vice is an HBO Max original series, so anyone in the United States (or other regions where HBO Max is available) who wishes to view it must subscribe to the streaming service. The first season is currently available on BBC iPlayer and Sky TV’s streaming service, Sky Go.

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