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To Skip or Not to Skip: is Smile Worth Viewing?

Is it even worth, you know, smiling about Smile? Sosie Bacon, Kyle Gallner, Jessie T. Usher, Caitlyn Stasey, and Rob Morgan are the actors who star in the psychological horror movie. It is an adaptation of the short film titled Laura Hasn’t Slept, which was created and directed by Parker Finn, who is also the writer and director of Smile.

It is the first movie to begin with over $20 million at the domestic box office since Bullet Train’s $30 million opening weekend back in August. The picture opened to a staggering $22 million dollars over the course of its first weekend of release, propelling it to the top spot at the box office.

You have most likely heard about the buzz around Smile at this point; yet, aside from some marketing strategies that are sufficiently terrifying, you may not know if the film is worth watching beyond the little clips that are accessible to watch online.

It’s possible that the new information about the movie has piqued your interest enough to make you want to go watch it in a theatre. Don’t worry if you haven’t made up your mind about seeing this scary movie yet and are still debating whether or not it’s worth your time; we’ll dig right in and let you know whether or not you should go to the theatre.

Should You Watch Smile?

Those who are easily startled may find that coming up with a contrarian response comes fairly naturally. The movie is packed with startling moments that serve to inject excitement into some of the film’s more dull sequences. Through the lens of my watch, it would be easy to compare the film to other recent releases, such as A24’s Men and 20th Century Studios’ Barbarian; but, it stands on its own due to the fact that it handles problems linked to mental health along with the performances of the lead actors.

You should absolutely watch this movie for the first time in a cinema. Because of the way the camera pans, you find yourself continuously looking to the side of the screen, expecting the worst thing that could possibly happen. This keeps you focused in the story. You will be deprived of moments that seize hold of your interest and remain with you for the entirety of the film if you wait to view it at home. In addition to this, there is nothing quite like being seated in a dimly lit cinema with your friends (or even complete strangers) and wondering when the next startling event will take place.

How Long is Smile?

The length of time that the movie is actually shown is 115 minutes (1 hour and 55 minutes). In the context of a horror movie, it may leave some viewers wondering if there is indeed a conclusion in sight at all. In particular for individuals who are interested in knowing whether or not this is a violent viewing. (Spoiler alert: it is!)

Taking everything into consideration, the duration of this movie is just right. Because I spent the entire time on the edge of my seat, the nearly two-hour movie seemed to go by far faster than it actually did. However, as the movie continues, some members of the audience can start to feel restless. This is most assuredly a horror movie with a low-key buildup.

As is the case with the vast majority of cinematic experiences, getting up from your seat to visit the restroom or to seek out an additional helping of popcorn is not encouraged. Before entering the theatre, check that you have everything you require, such as food, water, and those salty-sweet goodies you’ve been itching to sample, and then make sure you have everything before you seat down.

Can You Stream Smile Online?

You should absolutely see Smile on the big screen the first time you see it, but if you change your mind and decide that you’d rather watch it in the privacy of your own home, we’ve got you covered.

Since Paramount was also responsible for the film’s production and distribution, users to Paramount+ may be able to watch this movie when it becomes available on the streaming service within the next month or two. Therefore, although it is not now available to stream online, you should keep an eye out for when specifics regarding home viewing are published.

Although we are unable to state for certain that the film will be available on the platform, it is safe to assume that Smile will find a home there after its run in theatres.

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