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“They Left Me Hanging”: Eric Andre’s Hilarious Response to Jeopardy Snub


On a recent episode, Zoe Strassfield, Matt Brooks, and Cat Pisacano met an Andre clue.

Zoe Strassfield, Matt Brooks, and Cat Pisacano met an Andre clue with silence on a recent episode. Contestants Zoe Strassfield, Matt Brooks, and Cat Pisacano were not able to identify him in a $2,000 clue on Monday’s episode because of the light-hearted response of comedian and actor to Jeopardy contestants.

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What is… a slight sting to Eric Andre’s ego?

During Double Jeopard, Ken Jennings who was the host of the show revealed the answer. He finally broke all the silence from Strassfield and Co.

Sharing the video on social media, Andre commented, “Damn they left me hanging.”

Despite being puzzled by Andre’s hint, Brooks won the game and took home $10,600. Pisacano finished in second place, while Strassfield came in last. Ananya Panday Blooms in Red! See Her Stunning Strapless Dress.

Eric Andre's Hilarious Response to Jeopardy Snub

On Adult Swim, Andre hosts The Eric Andre Show, a zany late-night series that parodies low-budget public access talk shows and features celebrity interviews.

Lil Nas X, Natasha Lyonne, and Jon Hamm were the celebrities who featured in the sixth season of this particular show which debuted last summer.

Andre told AP ahead of season 6’s premiere last year, “I’m trying to just be the most absurd and incompetent talk show host of all time. It’s a break from the kind of fictitious propaganda of traditional press, I think. [Celebrities are] like, ‘Hey, you know, on set, George Clooney played a prank on me,’ or whatever. They have some anecdotes from the set. People can smell it’s a little inauthentic.”

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