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“These so-called fans moan like…”—DC Fandom Split Into Two Parts Due to Zack Levy’s Remark in Shazam, and Some Brought Robert Downey Jr. to the Discussion.

The Expanded DC universe has been going through a period of time in which big changes have been taking place. It would appear that the brand will be moving in a different path now that James Gunn and Peter Safran, an experienced CEO, have been named the new co-CEOs of DC. Fans were able to see various exciting developments, including the teaser for the long-awaited DC project “Shazam 2,” which was recently shown at the Comic-Con event that took place in San Diego.

It is common knowledge that production on the second instalment of the Shazam! franchise has been underway for quite some time. Watching for the name Shazam! Due to a slew of production setbacks, Rage of the Gods was in and out of production on a near-constant basis. And at this point, there are only a few short months remaining till the release of the second instalment. A new trailer for Shazam has just been made available! In 2022, Rage of the Gods was made available to the public for the very first time at Comic-Con in San Diego. Because of one sentence spoken by Zachary Levy, the DC fanbase is now split in two pieces, despite the fact that the majority of the trailer is entertaining due to the customary humour and family-friendly ambiance.

Which line from the Shazam 2 trailer divides the DC fandom?

At this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, DC debuted the first trailer for the upcoming film Shazam! Outrage caused by the gods. Instead of being an exciting development for the DC fandom, a recent development has upset them. Some viewers were displeased because Zachary Levy’s statement in the teaser was critical of David F. Sandberg. that severely. Sandberg said he had arrived at the conclusion that this phrase should be cut from the movie. In the closing moments of the promotional video, Zachary can be seen throwing the truck at the dragon and declaring, “I just threw a vehicle at a dragon.” What ought to have been the tried-and-true method of stating the obvious for the purpose of creating humour, in this case for the benefit of some fans, has instead irritated them.

In addition, followers continued to refer to it as a movie with a criminal plot and even a movie with a perverted plot. On the other hand, there were some supporters who defended him. There were a few people who stood up for the line and argued that it was appropriate for Billy’s character because he is simply a youngster and this word suited him wonderfully. When fans brought Robert Downey Jr. into the conversation, an age-old dispute between DC Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) was reignited, which is an interesting development.

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