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The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Release Date, Features, Leaks and New Expansion

The new DLC for The Sims 4, called Horse Ranch, adds horses to the game. Even though the pack hasn’t been officially announced yet, it looks like information has leaked through Steam. A full description of the pack and pictures are now available online.

Twitter says that EA and Maxis are getting ready for an official reveal, which will probably include a new trailer and more information. However, Steam has accidentally given away a lot of information about the future pack and what players can expect from their new horse companions.

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Release Date

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch will come out on PC, Mac, Xbox, and PlayStation on July 20, 2023, according to a leaked Steam entry that SimsCommunity shared. It will add horses as pets for families, as well as sheep and other ranch animals that can live in farms that can be fully customized.

The game’s description says, “Work hard and play hard with animal friends and your own piece of land in The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Expansion Pack.” “Raise, train, and form special bonds with regal horses that are part of your family and can be changed to fit your needs. You can also take care of small sheep and goats or sell homemade nectar to make a living. Make your life on the land your own.

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Sims 4 Developer Confirms Horse Expansion

“Take the reins this season with The Sims!” says a tweet from the official Sims account on June 20. A motion image goes along with the news, and the last few seconds of the clip give a hint about what’s coming up.

The graphics shows that the Sims team is making a “rootin’ tootin’ expansion” with “two bold kits.” The details of what they say have not been made clear yet. The good news is that the whole truth will soon be out on the web.

Features of The Sims 4 Horse Ranch

According to Steam, here are a few of the most important features:

Make A Life

“Get up early in the morning, look out at the wide open farmland, and know that all your hard work is worth it. Spend your days making sure your animals are happy and clean, gathering Prairie Grass to feed them, collecting Horse Manure to feed your plants, and making Nectar to sell.

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Bond With Animals

“Gather animal friends to your ranch and make a life together.” Your horses, including the cute foals, are part of your family and have lots of special relationships with both Sims and other horses. You can also take care of little goats and sheep and bring your neighbors over to see how cute they are.

Join A Thriving Community

“There are times when living on a ranch is quiet and peaceful, but there is also a busy social scene. Your Sims can go to town to meet up with friends at the bar, let off steam at the dance hall, or learn at the equestrian park. They can also have cookouts and dances on their own land and hire a field hand when the work gets too much.

Raise Horses

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Release Date

“Horses are family members. Make your own horse friends in You can make a Sim or buy or rescue new horses to ride. On your ranch, foals can also be born. Sims can learn how to ride, and horses can learn how to be agile and jump. At the equestrian school, horses and riders who are good at what they do can even win prizes.

If you buy the expansion pack before August 31, 2023, you’ll also get a special Rockin’ Rancher pack with “a resonator guitar, wagon wheel art, and a rusty rocking chair.”

This bonus pack theme has a lot to love. Raising horses for competition is a great new task, and the addition of a customizable ranch means you can build new homes for your Sims and live out all your Saddle Club dreams.

Things and clothes with a western or country theme also look very fun and lively. They should give Horse Ranch a sense of personality and make life on the range feel very different from how Sims usually live.

For now, EA and Maxis aren’t announcing the pack officially, but we should learn more in the coming days as new details come out. Stay tuned for more information about The Sims 4’s newest extra pack.

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How to Watch the Sims 4 New Expansion?

The research team is keeping their cards close to their chests right now, but that will change a lot in the next few days. The Sims 4 YouTube channel will release a new video for the DLC on June 22.

Sims 4 Horse Expansion Leaks

A Twitter user said that screenshots and a few information about the new The Sims 4 DLC have already been leaked online.

According to those stories, the pack will be called Horse Ranch because it will take place on what looks like a big ranch, which is where the name comes from. If this information is correct, you will be able to use the increase at the end of July.


The Sims 4 Horse Ranch DLC, set to release on July 20, 2023, will introduce horses as pets for families and fully customizable farms. The game aims to make life on the land with animal friends, create bonds with animals, and join a thriving community. The expansion pack includes features like making a life, bonding with animals, joining a thriving community, raising horses, and winning prizes. The Sims 4 YouTube channel will release a new video for the DLC on June 22. The expansion is expected to be available for purchase before August 31, 2023.

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