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The Brooklyn Brewery and Brooklyn Sound Concert Series: Relive the Best Moments

The revitalised Brooklyn Sound concert series put on by Brooklyn Brewery and NME came to an end earlier this month. During the series, three free live performances were held throughout the district in three of the neighborhood’s favourite cosy establishments. These performances featured some of the most promising up-and-coming musicians from New York.

Elsewhere in Brooklyn played host to the first performance of Nation of Language and Infinite Coles, both of whom were met with an enthusiastic response from the venue’s capacity crowd. According to singer Jan Dewani, the former band honoured this occasion by playing a copy of the song “Gouge Away” by the Pixies during a performance. According to Dewani, the band played this song for the first time at one of its early gigs in Elsewhere.

At the second concert in the series held at Bell House, MICHELLE and Sarah Kinsley provided the entertainment. Kinsley addressed the crowded audience during the performance: “NME was one of the first journals that not only evaluated my work and gave it four stars, but also genuinely understood it, supported it, and wanted to convey who I am as an artist.” “I am really appreciative that you let me play.”

CLIP was the name of this year’s concluding performance in the Brooklyn Sound concert series, which took place at Union Pool and also featured backing by Rebounder. During her set, CLIP shared with the crowd that she creates music “for bitches who go through this and put up with it every day, receive their bag, and try to be decent people.” “To be honest, I truly write music for bitches who go through this and put up with it every day,” she said. “Take this as a gift from me.”

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