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The 1975 Dream of Collaboration With Paramore

The 1975 and Paramore had a conversation about the possibility of working together in the future.

This occurred after Hayley Williams recently commended 1975 frontman Matty Healy for displaying his support for his band in an interview with KROQ, and she hinted at a potential team in the same interview.

She remarked, “A lot of positive feedback was received from other musicians, and Matty from 1975 sent me and the guys a very nice note.” “A lot of positive feedback was received from other artists.”

“He was a great source of motivation. He overheard me talking about one of their songs, so he decided to write a very lengthy piece about “This Is Why.” In it, he describes how he attended every performance we ever played in Manchester, how much he adores the band, and how much he hopes that we will continue to hang out together. If you’re still listening, then let’s get started on setting things up.

An snippet from Williams’s greeting to the band was played for The 1975 during their interview with Audacity, and frontman Matt Healy expressed how flattered he was by her compliments.

He exclaimed, “It’s really amazing. We discussed it because she had such positive things to say about the band, and I figured it would give me an opportunity to speak with Hayley from Paramore, right? After that, I believe they had just concluded the tour, and we agreed that we would attempt to get together at some point.

Healy continued by saying, “Paramore, even though they are the same age as us, [when] they came out, they were much younger than us when they broke up, so they sit in that part of my heart that you know as Dashboard [Confessional], so they will always be a very special band for us.” Dashboard [Confessional] is a band that is the same age as Healy and the other members of Dashboard.

Healy, meantime, recently participated in Dashboard’s set at the Audacy Beach Festival as a guest musician.

The 1975 leader was asked to perform “Hands Down” by Dashboard Confessional, which was originally released on the band’s album “A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar” in 2003.

After some time had passed, Healy made his way back up to the stage with the rest of his band for The 1975’s performance at the Audacy Festival. During this set, the band played songs from their 2022 album “Being Funny in a Foreign Language.”

The 1975 and Dashboard Confessional have completed their work together for the very last time with the performance of “Hands Down.” Healy joined Dashboard on stage at London’s St. Pancras Old Church in 2019 to play the 1975 song “Sex” 2012. Both bands were there to perform the song. Dashboard Confessional has in the past performed a cover of “Sex,” which they released in 2017 and included on the track listing of their cover album “Covered and Taped.”

In the meantime, SZA has responded to fans who have recently voiced their desire for her to work with Hayley Williams.

When is Hayley Williams going to work with SZA on a collaborative project? One of the fans asked to be informed. In a subsequent tweet that was sent yesterday (December 6), SZA reacted by saying, “I chat to her more than you think, lol.”

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