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Super Pumped Season 2 Release Date – Second Part of Facebook Journey!

Are you anxious to see how the world-famous social networking site “Facebook” began as a mere startup? How was it established and how does it operate today? Now is your opportunity, because the anthology series ‘Super Pumped’ has been renewed and will focus on Facebook’s explosive growth. This announcement was made as part of ViacomCBS’s investor day presentation. Each season of the program will focus on a distinct business-related topic.

The first season, which centered on the rise of Uber, was inspired by technology journalist Mike Isaac’s book “Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber.” The second season will examine Facebook’s transformation from a startup to a social media colossus, based on Isaac’s forthcoming book.

The creators of “Super Pumped” are Brian Koppelman, David Levien, and Beth Shacter, who also created the network’s hit series Billions. All three also serve as the show’s executive producers and co-showrunners. Showtime produces the series with executive producers Paul Schiff, Stephen Schiff, and Allyce Ozarski.

The show is part of Koppelman and Levien’s comprehensive contract with Showtime. It must be one of the most difficult tasks to come up with a series name, given that it influences viewers’ decisions to binge-watch and serves as the logo. Koppelman stated that he received the inspiration for the title ‘Super Pumped’ from one of Isaac’s books titled be strong, and from there the concept intrigued him.

Super Pumped Season 2 Release Date

Super Pumped’s first season began in 2022, and it was renewed for a second season in February 2022. So we should expect it towards the end of 2023 or the early half of 2024. The upcoming season, like Season 1, is slated to include six episodes. However, the creators have yet to release formal confirmation.

Every season of Super Pumped delves into a tale that has “rocked the business world to its core and changed the culture.” The first season, titled “Super Pumped: The Battle For Uber,” was based on Isaac’s 2019 book of the same name and detailed the narrative of a ride-sharing firm that grew to become “one of Silicon Valley’s most successful and destructive unicorns.”

Super Pumped Season 2 Release Date

That season stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick (who was eventually fired); Uma Thurman as The Huffington Post co-founder and former Uber board member Arianna Huffington; and Kyle Chandler as dealmaker Bill Gurley. Elisabeth Shue, Kerry Bishé, Jon Bass, Bridget Gao Hollitt, and Babak Tafti also appeared in the film.

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We’ll hear about Isaac’s upcoming book about Facebook’s meteoric development from startup to online media juggernaut in the second season. Facebook is currently the subject of critically acclaimed television shows and films, including the 2010 film The Social Network.

Nonetheless, Super Pumped Season 2 will follow Facebook’s evolution in the same way as The Social Network did. A big portion of the second season will center on Sheryl Sandberg’s and Mark Zuckerberg’s relationship during the time. This collaboration eventually resulted in one of the most lucrative and successful projects in the history of the world communication forum.

According to an official statement, the series “focuses on the relationship at the center of that metamorphosis — among Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg — and the world-changing forces created, intentionally and unintentionally, as a result,” per the logline. Sandberg became Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer in 2008, a position she still holds today.

Where Can We Watch the Season 2 of Super Pumped?

Similar to season 1, the new season will premiere on Showtime and also be accessible via Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. To watch the program, interested spectators must have a subscription to these streaming platforms.

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