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‘SNL’ Skechers Ad Spoofs Kanye West’s Visit Amid Anti-Semitic Comments

Kanye West made a “unannounced” visit to a Skechers corporate office in Los Angeles on Wednesday, a day after Adidas severed its business ties with the rapper in response to his repeated antisemitic comments, and he was escorted out of the building. This came a day after Adidas terminated its business relationship with Kanye West.

A representative for Skechers, whose role was played by Cecily Strong, was overheard saying that the company has “zero tolerance” for antisemitism. “Here at Skechers, we pride ourselves on two things, making stylish, comfortable shoes at an affordable price and having zero tolerance for antisemitism,” the representative said.

Another employee, played by Bowen Yang, added, “That’s why Kanye West came up at our corporate office earlier this week, begging to work with us.” We told him ‘no,’ and we escorted him out of the premises as soon as we could.”

An executive from Strong’s added, “But we also want to point out that of all companies he could’ve approached and gotten rejected by, he chose Skechers.” This was said in conjunction with the fact that Skechers is appalled by West’s “horrific comments” and vows to never work with him again. Strong’s executive also noted that Skechers is appalled by West’s “horrific comments.”

“Two years ago, can you picture the headline, ‘Skechers too good for Kanye?'” said Yang’s representative, who went on to ask, “What would you call a Kanye Skechers shoe anyway, a Skeezy?”

The Skechers staff made some disparaging comments about other shoe brands.

It took Adidas a lot of days before they made the decision to not deal with him. Strong’s character remarked, “He strolled in we were, purchase, buh-bye door,” while Yang’s character questioned why Crocs had been quiet on West’s statements. “He walked in we were, buy, buh-bye door.”

After that, he came to the conclusion, “I’m sure Kanye will find a morally dubious firm to partner with instead,” and then the advertisement cut to Michael J. Lindell (James Austin Johnson) making the announcement that West will be collaborating with My Pillow.

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