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Smile Ending Explained: Unraveling the Final Twist!


Based on short film “Laura Hasn’t Slept.” The film follows Dr. Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon), a therapist who begins experiencing terrifying hallucinations after witnessing a patient’s suicide. As Rose’s reality unravels, she discovers a sinister force behind the disturbing visions.

The gripping storyline delves into themes of trauma and psychological horror, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. For a detailed breakdown of the movie’s chilling conclusion and to understand the full implications of Rose’s haunting journey, stay tuned to our article, where we explain the ending of “Smile.”

Smile Ending Explained

The Smile movie masterfully explores the effects of trauma through a horror lens, weaving intricate and tragic themes that add depth to its meaning. After Laura’s death, Rose begins experiencing terrifying visions and encounters a smile-themed creature, straining her relationships and counting down to her own demise.

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Desperate for answers, Rose turns to her ex, Joel, a police officer. Together, they uncover a curse where witnesses of suicide are haunted by the entity, which feeds on trauma. As Rose’s situation worsens, she’s forced to confront the creature alone.

The film’s structure cleverly misdirects the audience, building an unnerving narrative with psychological twists. The central creature serves as a metaphor for emotional pain, poignantly conveying the inescapable nature of trauma. Smile’s complex story, with its mental-health subtexts and unexpected ending, sets it apart from other horror movies, offering a fresh perspective on the genre.

Revealing the Trauma in “Smile”

The sinister grin exhibited by the victims in Smile before their deaths is a chilling and unifying thread throughout the film. This twisted expression is tied to the entity feeding on the victims’ trauma, as explained by the character Dr. Madeline Northcott.

She posits that trauma, while manageable, never fully goes away. Smile serves as a powerful allegory for the ways in which emotional suffering can be masked by forced displays of happiness and optimism.

The victims commit horrific acts with these unsettling smiles, which the entity uses to mock their psychological pain. This suggests the creature’s twisted desire to further traumatize those it has cursed. Smile explores the metaphor of a person’s control over their own mind in the face of trauma, and the immense pressure to conceal inner turmoil.

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As the entity makes clear to the protagonist Rose, she is a prisoner of her own psyche. This is evidenced by the fact that the creature’s attacks manifest primarily through terrifying visions rather than physical violence.

Smile offers a poignant commentary on the ways in which mental health is often undervalued and misunderstood, with the curse’s rapid deterioration of the victims mirroring the dangers of neglecting emotional wellbeing. Overall, the shared grin of the doomed characters serves as a chilling symbol of the film’s central themes surrounding trauma, mental health, and the facade of happiness.


In conclusion, “Smile” masterfully portrays the devastating effects of trauma through its sinister narrative and haunting imagery. The film uses the entity’s grin as a powerful symbol of hidden emotional suffering and the societal pressure to mask pain with forced happiness.

By showing Rose’s descent into madness and the rapid deterioration of other victims, “Smile” emphasizes the critical importance of acknowledging and addressing mental health issues.

The entity’s method of spreading trauma underscores how deeply interconnected our emotional experiences can be. Ultimately, “Smile” serves as a stark reminder that untreated trauma can have fatal consequences, and that true healing requires confronting, rather than concealing, our inner struggles.

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