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Second Life Ranker Chapter 148 Release Date: Is It Worth Reading on Reddit?

Second Life Ranker Chapter 148 Release Date: Defeating the Walpurgisnacht is now a breeze thanks to Yeon-cunning Woo’s approach. He has caused the Red Dragon clan to turn against their facility. The Red Dragon has offered a prize for Viera Dune’s capture.

Yeon-Woo or someone else will undoubtedly destroy Walpurgisnacht’s castle and obtain access to the facility sooner or later. Here is everything you need to know about the release and plot of Second Life Ranker Chapter 148!

Yeon-next Woo’s objective in Second Life Ranker is to seek Ananta. She is concealed within the structure. Will Viera Dune, however, stand in his way? Continue reading to discover all the information!

Second Life Ranker Chapter 147 Recap

Let’s review what happened in Second Life Ranker Chapter 147 before we go on to the following chapters. The chapter begins with Yeon Woo and his group at the scene, as Brahm discusses Yeon Woo’s spirit, Boo.

It’s amazing enough that Boo, despite being a Litch, is as strong as the Nine kings, but Brahm argues it’s even more impressive that Boo follows our protagonist’s orders. Hearing this, even Yeong Woo is startled that Boo is at par with the nine kings.

Boo then gives them the photo of Viera Dune’s original witches, D’arc and Margaret. They are the ones who were conceived by the great witch mother named ‘Night.’ With this, Boo locates the Viera Dunes Base and makes a gateway for them to go there straight.

On the opposite side of the portal, they enter a region termed ‘Endless Night,’ a location with a barrier that throws continual fog full of ghosts that create horror. Brahm put protection on all the squad members to mitigate the effect of the fog.

They were suddenly ambushed by a doppelganger of Yeon Woo, who was inferior to the original. Yeon Woo summoned Shannon, who tortured the double until he revealed everything he knew about the location and the witches’ hiding places.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 148 Release Date

Yeon Woo then travels to the witch’s place to learn the locations of Viera Dune’s captive Anata. He learns that she is being held in a dungeon, so he immediately heads to the Dungeon of Citadel, and the story ends on this note.

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Second Life Ranker Chapter 148

Yeon Woo’s travels bring him to the Citadel, a high-security institution where Ananta is held captive. Nevertheless, his heroism is put to the test when he discovers Viera Dune is also attempting to keep Ananta with her.

The Citadel is well protected. Yeon Woo must therefore fight his way through Viera Dune’s loyal warriors in order to reach Ananta’s jail. As Yeon Woo approaches Ananta, he finds it difficult to identify her.

Arriving, Viera Dune interrupts the meeting. She has decided to thwart Yeon Woo’s attempt to free Ananta. Meanwhile, a heated battle ensues, the outcomes of which are undetermined for each character.

Ananta’s fate and the fulfillment of Yeon Woo’s mission are at stake. Can Yeon Woo be able to free Ananta from captivity? Or will Viera Dune’s aspirations prevail, leaving Ananta with a bleak future as a lab subject?

Second Life Ranker Chapter 148 Release Date

Each week, new chapters are published on Webtoon, Naver, and Kakaopage. Chapter 148 of Second Life Ranker was released on February 19, 2023(Source:

The following chapter was determine whether Yeon Woo can save Ananta. Will he be capable of overcoming Viera Dune and destroying Walpurgisnacht? Keep an eye out on this page for more developments.

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Where to Watch Second Life Ranker Chapter 148?

The current chapter of Second Life Ranker may be read online at the official website of Kakao Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SLR‘s Black Monarch?

The Black King is a mysterious celestial being with deep ties to the Gods and Demons of the 98th Level of the Obelisk. He is supposed to have enormous power and influence over “Death” and to embody the complete conceptional existence of “Death,” Chaos, Darkness, Dreams, and the Abyss.

Does Cha Yeon-woo Show His Face?

Yeon-woo removed his mask in front of them without hesitation. Possibly since he was under the effect of the drink, he had no remorse. It was the first time he voluntarily revealed his face to them.

Is Second Life Ranker Worth Reading on Reddit?

It makes sense that this work resembles a proto-web novel. All the aspects of power-fantasy web novels that I enjoy are present, but several mind-numbing stereotypes are dialed up to eleven, making it finally too cringeworthy for me to continue reading. Rather regrettable.

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