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Hunters Season 2 Ending Explained: Why the FBI Does Not Arrest Millie for the Murder of Bishop?

Hunters Season 2 Ending Explained: The second season finale of Hunters features numerous plot twists, alternate outcomes, and unanswered concerns. The conclusion of season one of the Amazon Prime original series Hunters revealed that Al Pacino’s Meyer Offerman was actually the Nazi psychiatrist Wilhelm Zuchs. Season three begins two years later.

The second season of Hunters reunites the Nazi-hunting crew for the final time as they travel to Argentina to track down Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, who secretly survived World War II. The secondary storyline of Hunters season 2 follows Meyer from 1975, when he establishes the hunters, to 1977, when he recruits Jonah Heidelbaum (Logan Lerman).

Hunters Season 2 Ending Explained

Mindy and other Holocaust survivors testify about their experiences in World War II concentration centres in the season two finale of Amazon’s Hunters.

Travis, Eva, and the Neo-Nazis plot Hitler’s escape after he is found guilty, but Jonah and the hunters thwart their scheme. Millie is hailed as a hero for bringing Hitler to justice, and the hunters reunite for Jonah and Clara’s nuptials shortly thereafter.

In the final moments of the second season of Hunters, Harriet visits Jonah and informs him that Meyer/The Wolf ordered the murder of his grandmother Ruth, after which Jonah appears to be pursuing another Nazi.

Is Jonah Done Hunting?

Jonah proclaimed his retirement from Nazi hunting after bringing down Hitler, but the final scene of Hunters suggests otherwise.

In the concluding moments of the second season of Hunters, Jonah and Clara are on their honeymoon in Miami, Florida, dining at a restaurant.

While Clara appears oblivious, Jonah is seen intently observing a German man seated at a table nearby, indicating that he is still pursuing Nazis following the conclusion of Hunters.

Sister Harriet had just informed him that they should continue seeking because evil never retires, and it appears that Jonah took this to heart.

Hunters Season 2 Ending Explained

Jonah Was Upset

While Jonah stated that he would cease hunting after bringing Adolf Hitler to justice, this was primarily due to his desire to protect Clara.

Before joining the search himself, Jonah was upset that he didn’t know the “real” Ruth because he was unaware of her career hunting Nazis inspired by real-life events in America, but Meyer reassured him that Ruth was the person who was with him.

Ruth excluded Jonah from the search to protect him, just as Jonah now intends to do with Clara. After Meyer’s assurance, Jonah will feel confident that he can continue hunting covertly while being his “real” self around Clara.

Why the FBI Does Not Arrest Millie for the Murder of Bishop?

FBI agent Millie Morris is on the run throughout season 2 of Hunters after murdering a Nazi who was acquitted by a judge. Millie is never actually apprehended for murdering the bishop, but she confesses her crime out of remorse.

Millie Receives a Phone Call From Congresswoman Elizabeth Handelman

Millie receives a phone call from the first-season character of Hunters, Congresswoman Elizabeth Handelman, congratulating her on her achievements and informing her that she will be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. Millie responds that she killed the Nazi, but the congresswoman merely states, “We can’t wait to honour you… Millie, you are a heroine. “The world requires heroes,”

Millie hangs up the phone with the knowledge that she will get away with this crime, despite the fact that the FBI would have typically fired or arrested her.

However, the congresswoman’s last remark in the season 2 finale of Hunters explains why neither the FBI nor the government will investigate Millie’s crime: the world needs heroes after so much evil and suffering.

In the Amazon Prime original television series, Millie bringing Hitler to justice offered the world hope, and her arrest for murdering a Nazi would have dashed this optimism.


After Hitler’s and the Nazis’ atrocities, the world needed time to fete those who locked him up and held him accountable, with Millie serving as the face of this accomplishment in the media.

Truth Behind His Formation of the Nazi Hunters

The second season finale of Hunters features a startling development in the past timeline. Meyer’s storyline in season 2 of Hunters explored the truth behind his formation of the Nazi hunters and the events leading up to his demise in the season 1 twist finale, which included Ruth Heidelbaum’s murder.

In the series premiere of Hunters, Jonah’s grandmother was assassinated by the Nazi Heinz Richter; the season 2 finale reveals why Richter actually targeted her.

Ruth Discovered Meyer Was Actually the Wolf

Ruth discovered Meyer was actually The Wolf in the second season of Hunters, so Meyer had her murdered before she could tell the other hunters the truth.

Meyer then contacted Heinz Richter, informed him that Ruth was on his trail, and provided the location of Ruth, effectively ordering her execution. This development makes Meyer’s decision to mentor Jonah even more sadistic and further establishes Al Pacino’s character as a monstrosity.

Hunters Season 2 Ending Explained

Kate Mulvany’s character Sister Harriet also realized that Meyer had called Heinz Richter and arranged Ruth’s murder to hide his own tracks, allowing Jonah to gain closure on his grandmother’s death in the 1979 timeline, as the season 2 finale of Hunters.

What Happened to Travis Leich?

What happened to Travis Leich, the leader of the Neo-Nazis, is the series finale’s biggest unanswered mystery. In the final episode of the second season of Hunters, Jonah confronted Travis on a rooftop in an attempt to thwart his nefarious plans to aid Hitler’s escape from prison.

After shooting Jonah, Travis was wounded in the shoulder by Joe and pursued by the authorities, so he jumped off the building’s side to escape.

When the authorities peered over the building’s side, Travis had vanished, and the season 2 finale of Hunters never revealed the villain’s fate.

Travis Had Already Survived a Gunshot Wound to the Face

Given that Travis had already survived a gunshot wound to the face in the 2023-ending television show, it appears that he also escaped a shoulder shot in the finale.

Travis had amassed an army of Neo-Nazis while incarcerated, so he has enough allies to conceal him and heal his wounds. Since Hitler is in prison and Eva Braun is dead, Travis is now the most powerful Nazi figure, signifying that he will assume responsibility for Eva’s plans to establish the “Fourth Reich” in America.

Hunters season 2 suggests that Jonah and Harriet will ultimately be able to stop Travis and his leadership of the “Fourth Reich” following the season’s conclusion, given that they have not stopped hunting Nazis.

Hitler’s concluding scene in the Amazon Prime series depicts him in a solitary cell where he is only identified by his prisoner number.

Hitler exclaims, “Don’t you know who I am?” while repeating the number to nothing and no one. Hitler’s survival at the hands of the Hunters gives him a fate from his own worst nightmares: he becomes a lonely elderly man who wails as he fades into obscurity.

While in hiding and even after his death, Hitler’s name was never forgotten and continued to wield a terrible force, but the season 2 finale of Hunters robs him of any future twisted delusions of grandeur.

Hitler is Found Guilty

In the series finale of Hunters, Hitler is found guilty and sentenced to a torturous existence of nothingness, sitting in a small chamber with nothing but four walls surrounding him and not even a name to be called.

His continued failures and public statement that he didn’t order the concentration camp atrocities mean his evil legacy won’t be carried on after Hunters’ timeline by Neo-Nazi groups led by people like Travis, so Hitler’s imprisonment means he won’t even have the satisfaction of believing himself to be important or worshipped. After losing yet another international conflict, he instead rots in confinement.

Hitler Was Never Punished for His Evil Deeds in Reality,

Hitler was never punished for his evil deeds in reality, so Hitler’s ignominious demise in season 2 of Hunters represents historical retribution. Hitler committed suicide as the Russians closed in on his bunker, but Hunters author David Weil gives the dictator an alternative ending that he does not choose for himself.

Weil envisioned Hunters as a source of catharsis and Jewish empowerment (via EW), with season 2 depicting the Jewish people reclaiming power by punishing Hitler for his atrocities.

The season 2 finale of Hunters imagines an alternate reality in which Hitler is found guilty and imprisoned for his offences before the international community, fulfilling the show’s overarching themes of justice and vengeance.

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