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Sacha Baron Cohen took the opportunity to criticise Kanye West, calling him “very anti-Semitic,” in the tradition of “Borat.”

Kanye West is free to criticise whoever he wants, but Sacha Baron Cohen has Kanye West frying. One of the most famous examples of this is the television show “Borat,” in which the main character travels to the United States in order to gain American cultural experience for the good of Kazakhstan. However, the movie came under heavy fire for the anti-Semitic beliefs that it presented. Despite this, Cohen received a lot of positive feedback for his performance.

In the meantime, West’s extended deal with Adidas was terminated as a direct result of the anti-Semitic comments he made. When the artist continued to defend his point of view through a tweet that read “Death con 3 to the Jewish people,” he ignited a commotion online. Cohen mocked Ye during the Kennedy Center Awards event in response to the comments that were made earlier.

How Sacha Baron Cohen Took Kanye West as Borat

At the Kennedy Center Awards ceremony in 2022, there were a number of famous people in attendance, but Sacha Baron Cohen stood out among the crowd. During his performance, the actor channelled his inner Borat to make fun of Ye and the previous president of the United States. Cohen said, in reference to Ye’s anti-Semitic comments, “Your Kane. He explored the possibility of relocating to Kazakhstan and even considered adopting the nom de guerre Kazakhstan-Ye West. But we said no. Even for us, his anti-Semitism is too extreme. Additionally, the actor brought up the administration of Donald Trump, drawing a connection between it and the recent rise in anti-Semitic attitudes in the United States.

The actor was obligated to pay tribute to the late members of the band U2, whom he referred to as “MeToo.” When Cohen questioned, “Where are you, Mr. Trump?,” the cameras were also going to film Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, who were there at the event and were witnesses to it. At the end of his remarks, he directed some words toward the sitting president, saying, “I want to pleasure you with my tongue.” George Clooney, Gladys Knight, Amy Grant, and Tanya Leon were among the other notable figures who were present at the U2 event.

The year 2020 was the subsequent year after the last time we saw Borat in the image. Cohen came up with an ingenious technique to link the action of the movie with the political climate of the present and the statements made by E.

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