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Ryan Dawkins Age: Career and Net Worth Update!

Ryan Dawkins Age: This article will detail Ryan Dawkins’s net worth. His financial condition is among the known details about Ryan Dawkins. If this is therefore of interest, please continue reading. If you are a festival-loving sports enthusiast, you may have heard of Mascot Sports. The CEO of this private corporation is Ryan Dawkins. What is Ryan Dawkins’s Age?

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Who is Ryan Dawkins?

Ryan Dawkins is Clare Crawley’s boyfriend from the sixteenth season of The Bachelorette. He is a native of Oakland, California. His LinkedIn profile indicates that he is also the CEO of Mascot Sports. Since around six years ago, he has led one of the major marketing agencies.

On LinkedIn, he described the company’s aim. Before joining Mascot Sports, Ryan was the president and creator of LLC-acquired Project Sport. He earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from San Francisco State University.

According to his bio on the Mascot Sports website, he is a “competitive athlete.” He placed second in the Race Across America from San Diego to Atlantic City and competed in a number of IRONMAN competitions.

Ryan Dawkins Age

Ryan Dawkins Age

Young Ryan Dawkins completed his collegiate education. Internet people say that Ryan Dawkins concealed the identity of her lover on social media. No one knows his date of birth, despite his status as a businessman.

It indicates that Dawkins is 44 years old. Crawley, his other half, is 42 years old. On March 20, 1981, she was born in Sacramento, California to Lilia and James.

She references them constantly in her social media posts. In 1998, Dawkins earned his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from San Francisco State University. The next year, he returned to school and received an MBA in Entrepreneurial Strategy.

Ryan Dawkins’s Career

He began his career in health management in 1998 with Montgomery Securities/Bank of America Securities. This is one of his career achievements. Before becoming a consultant with Salomon Smith Barney Holdings Inc., he spent 2.5 years there.

His most recent achievements as creator and executive director of Project Sport are available (acquired by Raceforce, LLC). 14 years.

Project Sport has revolutionized competitive running since its start fifteen years ago. Since its acquisition by OmniForce, LLC in February 2014, it has developed into a significant event production, management, and promotion organization.

In conjunction with event organizers, sponsors, and community and civic partners, RaceForce, LLC will continue the history of making prominent events more enticing and financially feasible, while leading the expansion of all existing events.

Ryan Dawkins, the company’s president, received the “Best CEO in Events” Business Excellence Award from Acquisition International in June. The award was given to the company in honour of its success. Since 2015, he has served as the CEO of Mascot Sports.

He continues to promote the company’s objectives. 31 August 2022, a San Francisco executive earned $169,047. The rate per hour is $81.27.

The total for the month is $14,087, or $3,250 each week. The median CEO salary is $291,895 in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. The income of the top 10% fluctuates between $100,952 and $218,633 every year (75th percentile).

Running Mascot is Ryan Dawkins. He has a net worth of $25 million and a $300,000 annual income. The chief executive officer of Mascot Sports is Ryan Dawkins. In 2016, Ryan Dawkins, a previous entrepreneur, joined Mascot Sports.

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Ryan Dawkins’s Net Worth

Ryan Dawkins’ net worth will have surpassed $26 million by 2023.


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